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|ja_romaji = Seiken Garatīn
|ja_romaji = Seiken Garatīn
|ja_trans = Holy Sword Gallatin
|ja_trans = Holy Sword Gallatin
|image = NobleArmsGallatin-AP03-EN-SR-UE.png
|image = NobleArmsGallatin-NKRT-EN-PlR-LE.png
|attribute = Spell
|attribute = Spell
|typest = Equip
|typest = Equip

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Noble Arms - Gallatin
(せい) (けん) ガラティーン
English Noble Arms - Gallatin
Chinese 贵族武器 - 格拉汀之剑
French Armes Nobles - Gallatin
German Edle Waffen - Gallatin
Italian Nobili Armi - Gallatin
Korean 성검 갈라틴
Spanish Armas Nobles - Gallatin
Japanese (kana) せいけんガラティーン
Japanese (base) 聖剣ガラティーン
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