No. 31: Abel's Doom
  • Japanese: No.31 アベルズ・デビル
  • Romaji: Nanbāzu Sanjūichi Aberuzu Debiru
  • Translated: Numbers 31: Abel's Devil
No. 31 Abel's Devil



1 ☆


500 / 500

Xyz Material

When your opponent has No. 13: Cain's Doom in his deck, and both players' Life Points have been halved, this monster is Special Summoned and destroys all monsters on your field. When No. 13: Cain's Doom is on the field, this monster will not be destroyed and will inflict the amount of its ATK in damage on your opponent.[Notes 1]

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Name Lore
Japanese No.31 アベルズ・デビル 相手のデッキにNo.13 ケインズ・デビルがありお互いのLPが半分になったとき 場にいるモンスター全てを破壊して特殊召喚される No.13 ケインズ・デビルがいるときこのモンスターは破壊されず相手に攻撃力分のダメージを与える



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  1. Though not specified in the written lore, this card also makes the controller's LP become 1000 when it is Special Summoned.
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500 +
00000500 +
Cannot be destroyed by battle +
Number31EmbodimentofPunishment-JP-Manga-ZX-CA.png +
Number31EmbodimentofPunishment-EN-Manga-ZX.png +
500 +
00000500 +
Number31EmbodimentofPunishment-EN-Manga-ZX.png +
No. 31: Abel's Doom +
No. 31: Abel's Doom +
Number31EmbodimentofPunishment-JP-Manga-ZX.png +
No.31 アベルズ・デビル +
Changes your Life Points +  and Damages your opponent +
Manga +
Does not have effects which detach Xyz Materials for cost +, Destroys your Monster Cards +  and Cannot be destroyed by card effects +
Number31EmbodimentofPunishment-EN-Manga-ZX-NC.png +
No. 31: Abel's Doom (manga) +
Card page +
Nanbāzu Sanjūichi Aberuzu Debiru +
No.31 アベルズ・デビル +
2 Xyz Materials +, Does not require specific Xyz Materials +  and Special Summons itself from your Extra Deck +
Numbers 31: Abel's Devil +
030 +, 031 +, 032 +  and 035 +