"Nimble" ( () (ばや) Subayai) is an archetype of EARTH Beast and WATER Fish monsters who all have an effect that can Special Summon other "Nimble" monsters from the Deck. All monsters of this archetype are Level 2, except for the Level 4 "Super-Nimble Mega Hamster".

Playing style

"Nimble" monsters can be included in a "Monarch" Deck and other builds which rely on high Level monsters requiring Tributes. They can also be used to defend/stall, as well as allow Xyz plays. "Nimble Angler" works well with "Swap Frog", allowing multiple materials for Xyz and Link Summons. Nimble monsters can also make Synchro plays if used in tandem with "Celestial Double Star Shaman" due to being all level 2, barring "Super-Nimble Mega Hamster" (along with Heralds and level 1 fairies for first turn Crystal Wing plays).

Nimble Frogs
Nimble Raccons
Celestial Nimble Synchro
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