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Nicolas is a member and the captain of Team Catastrophe.


He has a criminal mark.


He first appears in episode 103, where he, along with his teammates Hans and Hermann, are celebrating their automatic victory against Team Unicorn due to two of their members crashing. In episode 104, he gained a little more backstory; in a flashback he is shown talking to Primo, who has just given him a "Hook the Hidden Knight" card. He guaranteed him that if he used it, he would become King. Although his other teammates said that they shouldn't be using something like that to Duel, he ignored them and said that he would do anything to get out of the dump of a home where he lives. This shows that he must be living at an undeveloped part of Satellite. In the WRGP, Nicolas is first seen by Yusei and co-smirking at the injured Team Unicorn members. Seeing this Yusei, decided to believe something is wrong so after a little digging he found out that they were using a dark card to destroy people's Duel Runners in the WRGP so they could proceed through. Seeing as Andre Dueled first against Nicolas and then Jean was Dueling Hermann it is presumed that he lost against Jean. In episode 105, he Dueled Jack Atlas, he tried to use the Trap Card, "Doom Ray", to try and beat Jack. But Jack's monster, "Power Giant", had an effect to negate the damage, causing Nicolas to lose in one turn. It is revealed his Trap Card was known as a dark card, and it began to release demons which attacked Jack and Nicolas' Duel Runners. Jack destroyed the demons using his "Power Giant" and rescued Nicolas before his Runner exploded. After the Duel, Nicolas asked Jack why he saved his life, to which Jack answers he's not worth being killed. He then tells Nicolas that a Duel is a clash between souls, and adds that someone who doesn't believe in their own cards and instead uses cards of darkness doesn't deserve to Duel. Since Nicolas's Runner was destroyed, he could not pass the baton to Hans thus causing Team Catastrophe to lose by default. He was last seen being questioned by Sherry as to where he obtained the shadow cards.


Not much of Nicolas' Deck was shown, but he used two cards given to the team by Primo, "Hook the Hidden Knight" and "Doom Ray".

Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Andre 104 Win (default)
Jack Atlas 105 Lose

Over the Nexus

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus, Nicolas plays a "Karakuri" Deck called Karakuri Squared.