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* [[Chrysalis Panther]]
* [[Chrysalis Panther]]
* [[Chrysalis Pinny]]
* [[Chrysalis Pinny]]
* [[Elemental Hero Another Neos]]
* [[Neo Space Conductor]]
* [[Neo Space Conductor]]

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The Neo-Spacians were introduced by Jaden Yuki in the Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime. He created the concept of these cards when he was a little kid. The theme relies on Elemental Hero Neos and was designed to give Jaden an alternate strategy to his deck. Unlike most fusions that require a fusion summoning card, the requirement for special summoning Neos fusions is to have the material on the field.

A Neo-Spacian deck does not always have to be an Elemental Hero deck. Instead, it can be in another deck-type of it's own, which can exclude other Elemental Heroes.

As Neos is the most required card, an effective Neo-Spacian strategy relies on summoning him easily and reusing him from the Graveyard. The weakness is in the fusion monsters. Neo Space is required for them to remain on the field.

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Monster Support Cards

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