Negative Levels are a concept appearing only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime and the Tag Force series of video games. They appear exclusively on Dark Synchro Monsters.

They are represented by the symbol Negative Level Star, which is the color inverse of the usual positive Level symbol. On a card, the Negative Level Stars align to the left, whereas positive Level Stars align to the right.

The only way for a non-Dark Synchro monster to obtain a Negative Level is through the card "Dark Wave".

When Dark Synchro Monsters were released in the OCG/TCG, they were all changed to regular Synchro Monsters with their levels changed to the usual positive.



  • Contrary to what might be expected, the Tag Force video games seem to treat negative Levels identically to positive Levels in some ways. For example, it is possible to use a Level 5 monster(s) and a Level -5 monster(s) as Xyz Materials to Xyz Summon a Rank 5 Xyz Monster.[1]


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