Mrs. Ishtar was the matriarch of the Ishtar family, the wife of the patriarch, the mother of Ishizu and Marik Ishtar, and the adoptive mother of Odion.


Mrs. Ishtar married into the Ishtar family and became a grave keeper of the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh. One night, she found a nameless infant boy, who was abandoned by his biological parents. Mrs. Ishtar adopted him and named him Odion (Rishid in the Japanese version), and treated him as her real son. Her husband, Mr. Ishtar, however, refused to accept Odion as anything more than a servant.

As Odion grew, the couple became increasingly desperate to have a male child as the heir to the tomb-keeper clan. Mrs. Ishtar proposed that they should have Odion initiated if they do not have a boy by his tenth birthday (twelfth in the English anime), to which her husband reluctantly agreed. When Odion was six years old, Ishizu was born; Mr. Ishtar showed displeasure after her birth about still not having a male biological child. Four years after that, the Ishtars finally had a boy, Marik, to which Mrs. Ishtar died during childbirth. Her last words to Odion and Ishizu was for them to take care of each other and Marik.


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