The LeBlancs are the parents of Sherry LeBlanc.

Having her as their only daughter, Sherry also mentions that there were also card players, whom live happily at the time. However trouble and tragedy came for this family, as her father´s company was being bought by a rival company. Though having a daughter around, they tried to their best not to show any signs of trouble.

However one night after that, while Sherry was in her room, she heard gunshots from downstairs. She went downstairs to investigate and came upon a gruesome scene. She found her parents, along with other members of the household, dead in the dining room. Upon being saved by Elsworth, Sherry learns about the organization behind their death: Iliaster.

In the English dub, it is altered so that Sherry's parents are abducted instead of being killed, by Iliaster. Also, Mrs. LeBlanc has her cleavage erased in the English dub.

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