Mr. Shroud, known in Japan as Monkey Saruyama「モンキー猿山」(Monkī), is a shady duelist manager who introduces Zane Truesdale to underground dueling in order to redeem himself after his chain of failures in the Pro League. Shroud uses electronic devices to pressure duelists in underground dueling. Shroud is pleased when Zane realizes the pointlessness of respecting opponents. However, when Shroud reminds Zane that he was the one who got him where he was, Zane throws him out of his car, firing him.



As to be expected of an underground promoter, Mr. Shroud doesn't concern majorly with morality, instead he focuses on the bigger, more profitable picture. It seems he has an excellent eye for talent, as he recruited Zane despite his losing streak and managed through the duel he put Zane along his own advice, to awaken Zane's thirst for victory causing his more than successful comeback. He was also visibly thrilled at the "monster born underground" that he helped create, despite the violence Zane displayed to win his duel, which further shows his twisted valued. Arrogant and self-centered he believes himself to be the one behind the success of those he manages. This eventually earned him the scorn of Zane who fired him on the spot.


In the English dub, Shroud has a Southern accent, reminiscent of a carny.


Shroud's Japanese name is a combination of the English word "monkey" and the Japanese word "saru", which means monkey in English.

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