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| romaji_name = Difōmā Fīrudo
| romaji_name = Difōmā Fīrudo
| trans_name = Deformer Field
| trans_name = Deformer Field
| image = MorphtronicMapCRMS-EN-C-1E.png
| image = MorphtronicMap-CRMS-EN-C-1E.png
| attribute = Spell
| attribute = Spell
| typest = Field
| typest = Field

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Morphtronic Map
(ディフォーマー) ・フィールド
English Morphtronic Map
French Plan Morphtronique
German Morphtronische Karte
Italian Mappa Morfotronica
Portuguese Mapa Morfotronico
Spanish Mapa Morfotrónico
Japanese (kana) ディフォーマー・フィールド
Japanese (base) D・フィールド
Japanese (rōmaji) Difōmā Fīrudo
Japanese (translated) Deformer Field
Attribute SPELL SPELL.svg
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