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Monster Zone

Monster Zone


Formerly: モンスターカードゾーン

Japanese (romanized)

Monsutā Zōn
Formerly: Monsutā Kādo Zōn


Monster Zone
Formerly: Monster Card Zone

Monster Zones (モンスターゾーン Monsutā Zōn), formerly Monster Card Zones (モンスターカードゾーン Monsutā Kādo Zōn), are the zones where monsters are placed on the field. There are two types of Monster Zones: Main Monster Zones and Extra Monster Zones.

On game mats, Main Monster Zones are located in the upper-middle and are often colored brown. Extra Monster Zones are located in the center of the field and are colored blue.


Cards on the field are treated as monsters if and only if they are in a Monster Zone. Monster Cards on the field are not treated as monsters if they are in other zones (such as the Spell & Trap Zone). Likewise, Spell and Trap Cards in the Monster Zones are treated as monsters (although Trap Monsters are still treated as Trap Cards as well, but they do not occupy two zones). Xyz Materials are not considered to be in a Monster Zone.

Monsters Summoned/Set from any zones other than the Extra Deck (Deck, Hand, Graveyard, Spell & Trap, Banished cards, Tokens) must be Special Summoned to the Main Monster Zones. Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters may be Summoned to either the Main or Extra Monster Zones. Link Monsters and Pendulum Monsters Pendulum Summoned from face-up in Extra Deck must be Summoned to an Extra Monster Zone, or a Main Monster Zone pointed to by Link Monsters' Link Arrows.

A monster cannot be Summoned unless there is an appropriate Monster Zone to Summon that monster in, unless performing its Summon would cause an appropriate Monster Zone to become available. For example, even if all of a player's Main Monster Zones are occupied, that player can still Tribute Summon a monster to their field as long as they Tribute at least one monster in their Main Monster Zones. Likewise, even if the opponent controls monsters in both Extra Monster Zones due to achieving an Extra Link, the player can still Summon a monster to an Extra Monster Zone as long as one of the Extra Monster Zones becomes available when performing the Summon (such as by using a monster in an Extra Monster Zone as material).

If control of a monster is changed or a temporarily banished monster returns to the field, it is placed in its controller's Main Monster Zone (regardless of its original zone). If there is no available Main Monster Zone, that monster is sent to the Graveyard by game mechanics.

The player who performs the Summon or Set, regardless of who will control the Summoned monster, decides which Monster Zone the monster is Summoned/Set in. The player must decide which zone the monster will be Summoned/Set in when they declare the Summon/Set, before the timing to negate the Summon.

Monsters cannot be moved between Monster Zones, except by a card effect such as "Senet Switch".

Game mat

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