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Monster Token

"Sheep Tokens" in the artwork of "Scapegoat"
"Sheep Tokens" in the artwork of "Scapegoat"


(モンスター)トークン[Notes 1]

Japanese (romanized)

(Monsutā) Tōkun


(Monster) Token


Tokens (Japanese: トークン Tōkun) are used as representations of Monster Cards. Tokens are Monsters Special Summoned out of nowhere by a card effect. These monsters are not included in the Deck, Extra Deck or Side Deck, as stated on the limitation text of each Token card.


  • Token Monsters are always Normal Monsters and never have effects. Thus, they qualify for Normal Monster support and non-Effect Monster support.
    • Some Token Monsters have effects applied to them by the cards that Summon them, but these are not the effects of the Token Monsters themselves, so these "effects" cannot be negated by cards like "Skill Drain".
    • Some Normal Monster support may specifically exclude Tokens, such as "Order to Charge".
  • If a Token Monster would leave the field (i.e. if it would be returned to the hand or Main Deck, sent to GY, or banished), it simply disappears.
    • Token Monsters can be successfully Tributed, destroyed, or banished; however, because they simply leave the field, they are not treated as being successfully moved to the specified zone.
  • The owner of a Token Monster is the player who Special Summoned it.
    • "Owner's Seal" will change control of Ojama Tokens Special Summoned by the effect of "Ojama Trio" to the player who activated "Ojama Trio".
      • "Rose Tokens" are the exception to this, instead being owned by the player who controls the monster whose Summon caused the "Rose Token" to be Summoned (rather than the player who Summoned the "Rose Token"). (Example: Player A Normal Summons a monster, and trigger the effect of "Black Garden", Special Summoning "Rose Token". This "Rose Token" is owned by Player A.)[2][3]

Usage in Real Life

During a Duel, duelists may keep Token cards in a separate pile outside of the game mat or in the deck case.

A Monster Token can be represented by a coin (Heads is treated as Attack Position and Tails is treated as Defense Position), a die, or other such acceptable markers. Fan-made cards are often used as markers in Tournament Duels.

Card Layouts

  • Official Token cards are grey.
  • Most Token cards from Series 8 onward that correspond to specific Monster Tokens have their own names printed out, and sometimes also include ATK/DEF.[Notes 2]

Card text

Prior to Series 8 in the OCG and Series 9 in the TCG, all Token cards share the same card text (as listed in the following table) and name (Token). From these series onward in the respective games, some Token cards have different names or card text.

Language Card text Translation
English This card can be used as any Token.
French Cette carte peut être utilisée comme un Jeton. This card can be used as a Token.
German Diese Karte kann als eine beliebige Spielmarke verwendet werden. This card can be used as any Token.
Italian Questa carta può essere usata come Segna-Mostro generico. This card can be used as a generic Monster Token.
Portuguese Este card pode ser usado como uma Ficha. This card can be used as a Token.
Spanish Esta carta puede ser usada como cualquier clase de Ficha.

Formerly: Esta carta puede ser utilizada como cualquier Ficha.
This can can be used as any kind of Token.
Formerly: This card can be used as any Token.
Japanese このカードはトークンとして使 () (よう) する (こと) ができる。
Kono kādo wa Tōkun to shite shiyō suru koto ga dekiru.
This card can be used as a Token.
Korean 이 카드는 토큰으로 사용할 수 있다.
I kadeuneun Tokeun-euro sayonghal su itda.

In Video Games

Example of Kuriboh Token from Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion and Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge Video Game Series

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion and Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge, Token cards are yellow like Normal Monsters, while their artwork is a recolored TCG artwork of "Spellbinding Circle" (colors are distinguished by their names and attributes).


  • The first Token that did not correspond to a specific Monster Token was the "National Championship 2009 Token", which in 2009 was given to participants of United States and Canada's National Championships and participants of the European and South American Continental Championships.


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  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown in the cards' name.
  2. See Card layout#Series 8 layout