Monk (モンク Monku) is a series of EARTH monsters with two Rock monsters and one Beast monster.


A theme of this series seems to be hard work and endurance as seen through the characters' ability to attack through rock and the physical ability of "Chu-Ske". Also, all three of these characters seem to know martial arts.

Playing Style

A strategy for these type of cards is to first Summon "Monk Fighter", "Master Monk", or "Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter" and then use their numerous support cards to help them. If there is only 1: "Monk Fighter", "Master Monk", or "Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter" on the field, you can activate "Lone Wolf". This makes it invulnerable to your opponent's attacks and monster effects. Additionally, you may Summon a monster on the field after "Lone Wolf" is activated but the effect of "Lone Wolf" still applies. By activating "Kaminote Blow", it allows you to destroy any monster that battles with a Monk monster. This can be especially effective if combined with "Lone Wolf" and "Monk Fighter" since it won't be destroyed and you will take no Battle Damage. Through that method, you can take out some of your opponent's strongest monsters. In addition, "Legendary Black Belt" can be equipped to inflict DEF as damage, so if your opponent has a strong defending monster, he/she will take even more damage due to its effect. In such a Deck, it would be recommended to include multiple copies of each card and include some cards that will negate the activation of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.

With the release of “Gallant Granite” in Chaos Impact, the deck now becomes more consistent as it can search out both “Monk Fighter” and “Master Monk”. The card can also search “Nibiru, the Primal Being”, allowing the deck to survive going second and giving it an OTK strategy.

Recommended Cards
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