Mindy, known as Momoe Hamaguchi in the Japanese version, is a character in the Tag Force games. This is a video game version of Mindy, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Tag Force

Mindy can be found with Jasmine and Alexis Rhodes throughout Part 1, and teams up with the former for the Tag Force tournament.

If the player clears Part 2 and Part 3 with Mindy as their partner, they unlock the pack "Approach the Hotties".

Tag Force 2

In Alexis' fifth story event, Mindy and Jasmine Tag Duel against the player and Alexis.

Mindy, partnered with Jasmine, can be dueled in an optional random event if Blair Flannigan is teamed up with the player.

Tag Force 3

Mindy and Jasmine Tag Duel against the player and Alexis in the first event of both of her stories.

In Obelisk Blue Zane Truesdale's second story event, Atticus Rhodes and Mindy Tag Duel against the player and Zane.


Mindy's Decks in Tag Force exclusively use male humanoid monsters that can be considered pretty, and supports them with many mirror-themed Spells and Traps. She switches to Beast Stall Decks based around "Dark Snake Syndrome" in Tag Force 2 and 3.

In Tag Force Special, Mindy uses Mermail/Atlantean Decks.

Tag Force

Hot Dude!
Totally Hot Dude!

Tag Force 2

Mark of Defeat
Wound of Defeat
Plague of Defeat
Rescue Alexis
Hunks of Justice

Tag Force 3

Wiggling Dark Snake
Slithering Dark Snake
Constricting Dark Snake
Brooding Dark Snake

Tag Force Special

Atlantean Strong Man (海洋の強者, Kaiyō no tsuwamono) ★3
Atlantean Title-Holder (海洋の覇者, Kaiyō no hasha) ★5
Atlantean Champion (海洋の王者, Kaiyō no ōja) ★8


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