DMx037 Mind Scan

Pegasus performing a Mind Scan on Yami Yugi.

Mind Scan is one of the powers of the Millennium Eye. It allows the controller to read their opponent's minds. In Pegasus' words it is "the power to see into the heart of the opponent".[1]


D-067 Mind Scan

Pegasus reading his opponent's hand via Mind Scan.

While Pegasus faced Bandit Keith in a televised game of Duel Monsters, he performed a Mind Scan to see what moves Keith was planning. Using this knowledge Pegasus wrote down a set of instructions on how to beat Keith and called a child, Sam, from the audience to continue the Duel for him. Using the instructions, Sam defeated Keith in a single turn, humiliating him.[2][3]

Seto Kaiba suspected Pegasus' mind reading ability and so he designed Duel Disks to combat this. With Duel Disks, players would be able to stand further apart and avoid face-to-face contact, which he hoped would be enough to avoid having his mind read.[2][3]

Pegasus sent Yugi Muto a videotape, which he was able to Duel Yami Yugi through. He was able to predict what cards Yugi was about to play, giving him an advantage. Pegasus ultimately won when Yugi ran out of time. He revealed how he was reading Yugi's mind before trapping the soul of Grandpa as a Penalty Game.[4][5][1][6]

When Kaiba faced Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom, he planned on using the Duel Disks to avoid having his mind read. However Pegasus would only agreed to use the Duel Disks if Seto's brother Mokuba, who had his soul stripped from his body would hold the Duel Disk for Pegasus. Kaiba refused to attack his own brother, so he agreed to duel without the Duel Disks. Using the Mind Scan ability, Pegasus was able to defeat Kaiba.

When Yugi faced Pegasus for the second time, regular Yugi came up with a "Mind Shuffle" strategy, where he and Yami would constantly switch control of their body without telling each other what cards they had played. When Pegasus would try to read their mind, he would end up reading the mind of the wrong person; due to Pegasus relying too much on the Mind Scan for so long, he became overconfident and lacking in his duelist's instincts. After disabling Yugi via the pressure of the Shadow Games, Yami was backed by his friends, blocking out the Mind Scan.


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