Mimi Atachi ( () (たち) ミミ Atachi Mimi) is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. She is one of the six Tops of Hexagon which are Goha's executives, infiltrating Yuga's school as a transfer student to get informations about Rush Duels.[3]




Full-body image of Mimi in her normal clothes (right) and as Number 6 of the Tops of Hexagon (left)

Mimi is 37 years old, but she has the appearance of a preteen, referring to herself as the "eternal elementary school student". She is an extremely petite fair-skinned woman with pink eyes and auburn, shoulder-length hair, to the extent that even Yuga Ohdo is taller than her.

At the Goha Corporation, Mimi dresses in the identity-concealing garb that all Goha employees wear; a helmet emblazoned with the Goha Corporation logo that completely covers her face save her mouth, a white mini-dress lined with black and emblazoned over her heart with the Goha Corporation logo over light grey clothing, white gloves with black cuffs, and a darker grey cape.

Mimi wears stereotypical girls' clothing when she enters Goha 7th Elementary as a transfer student; a pale pink dress reaching to mid-thigh with a flared skirt, white lace at the neck and cuffs, buttons down the front, and a red bow tied at the back of her waist, in addition to white knee-length socks tied at the cuffs with pink ribbon, and red buckled shoes with thick heels. When Mimi is conducting missions in secret, she wears dark clothing over her dress, including a concealing bandanna tied under her nose.

Outside of work and school, Mimi wears more normal clothes. When she visits a bar she wears a red dress and black heels, wearing a sign around her neck that states "I am an adult". At home, she wears a pink sweater and tan pants, and a white apron and scarf tied over her hair when cooking. In Yoshio's badly drawn recap, he depicts her with devil horns.


Mimi is dedicated to the ideals of the Goha Corporation, and any ideas against their control she immediately dismisses. She is hard-working as a result of the dismissal she is often subjected to due to her youthful appearance and eager to rise higher in the Goha Corporation. Mimi also demonstrates little patience for Yoshio's interest in Rush Duels initially and threatens to stop making his favorite napolitan spaghetti if he brings up the topic again. She was reportedly horrified when Yoshio began dressing and acting like Good Max, believing that Rush Dueling had turned him into a delinquent. Mimi is so dedicated to these ideals that she assumes Yuga Ohdo must be a villain before she meets him and his genuine passion and innocence catch her off-guard to the point that she initially refuses Yuga's offer to lend her his notebook despite it being her objective, as she assumed he was tricking her. When she does acquire the notebook, Mimi accepts Yuga's offer was genuine, but worries that she acquired it in a cowardly manner.

When undercover at school, Mimi projects a more cutesy manner to act more like a child. She claims to be interested in Rush Dueling, and disguises her true intentions behind this claimed interest. Despite this, she is a genuine fan of RoaRomin, waving in appreciation at Roa Kirishima and taking the opportunity to take a selfie with him when she confronts him over his claim of Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" card being illegal.

Despite her youthful appearance and mannerisms at times and her position in the high-tech Goha Corporation, Mimi herself is very old-fashioned; she still fondly reminisces the time of the Bubble Era as reflected in her Deck and she carries an old corded phone as part of her disguised school bag rather than a more modern smartphone, though it does contain some modern functions. She also gives gifts to Yuga and his friends that use older technology. Mimi also has a habit of monologuing either internally or externally without care for her surroundings.


「安」 can mean "stability​", "peacefulness", or "inexpensive"; 「立」 means "standing up". Together, the two characters can also be written as "Adachi", which is one character off from 「アダチル」 (adachiru), abbreviation for "adult child(ren)".



Birth of Rush Duels


Mimi plays a Bubble Era Deck.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 7 Lose
Yoshio Atachi 20 Lose


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