The Millennium Scale ( (せん) (ねん) (ばかり) [1] Sennenbakari or (やみ) (せん) (ねん) (ばかり) [2] Yami no Sennenbakari "Millennium Scale of Darkness"), also known as the Scales of Truth ( (しん) () (はか) (てん) (びん) [3][4][Note 1] Shinri o Hakaru Tenbin literally "The Scales That Weigh Truth") is a Millennium Item.


Ancient Egypt

The Scale was originally owned by Karim, and after being stolen by Bakura, was used to resurrect Zorc Necrophades.


A faction of the Tomb Keepers watched over the Scale, along with the Key, Eye, and Ring. After the Eye and Ring were given to others, Shadi kept the Key and Scale.

In the first anime series, Shadi uses this to play the Trial of the Mind Shadow Game with Kanekura.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, the Scale was used by Karim's predecessor to judge Tragoedia's heart.

The scale appears with the rest of the items in the artwork of "Ma'at".


Thief King Bakura with the Scale

The scale's power is the ability weigh a person's sin against the Feather of Ma'at. If a person lies while being interrogated by the owner of the scale, or is revealed to be truly evil, the side opposite of the feather will lower, as if weighted down by the person's sins, and if the side without the feather drops to the bottom, the person's soul will be eaten by Ammit, causing death. By placing the scale close to the heart of a person, if the scale tilts, then the person is noted to have darkness in his heart. The Scale has its limits regarding individuals with a extremely evil hearts; Bandit King Bakura was so evil that the Scale fluctuated when Karim tried to weigh his evil, while the absorbed heart of Tragoedia turned the white "Winged Kuriboh" dark.

This item also contains the power of fusion. It has been shown to Summon Rabid Horseman, Duos Dragon, and Dragon Master Knight by fusing ka.


  • Due to the nature of its powers, the Scales did not play much of a part in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime aside from being revealed to be Shadi's possession in the final season, which is based on the manga's Millennium World arc.
  • The use of the scales is similar to the method the Egyptian god Anubis judged souls in the underworld. Should the person fail the test, they would be eaten by a crocodile demon name Ammit.


  1. Bakari as in Sennenbakari is the compound-only voiced form of hakari "measuring; weighing → measuring instrument; scales", which derives from the verb hakaru "to measure; to weigh".


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