Millennium Shrine excavation

The Mortuary Temple being excavated

The Millennium Puzzle excavation was a dig in the Valley of the Kings, organized by KaibaCorp, in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions.

Seto Kaiba aimed to retrieve the disassembled Millennium Puzzle from the Mortuary Temple, reconstruct it and use it to return Atem to Yugi Mutou's body.


After Yugi Mutou completed the Millennium Puzzle, his body housed the soul of the Egyptian pharaoh, Atem, who went on to become Seto Kaiba's rival. The Ceremonial Battle saw the departure of Atem from Yugi's body, into the underworld and the Millennium Items, including the puzzle, falling into the depths of the Earth, beneath the mortuary temple. Kaiba was disappointed in not having defeated Atem in a fair game of Duel Monsters and made attempts to resurrect him, one of which involved retrieving the Millennium Puzzle.

A work crew and a team of engineers were hired to perform the excavation. Mani passed as one of the work crew in order to spy on progress for the Prana. The workers were shown a photo of Yugi, wearing the Millennium Puzzle to know what they were looking for.

When the crew retrieved the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle, Mokuba Kaiba notified Kaiba and Mani notified Aigami. The crew ensured that all pieces had been retrieved and placed them in their most advanced security apparatus. Aigami teleported from Domino City to the Valley of the Kings, while Kaiba flew their in his Blue-Eyes jet.

Kaiba detected Aigami's presence of his Duel Disk. He demanded that the puzzle be loaded into the helicopter right away. However the time lock on the security system required them to wait thirteen minutes, so Kaiba used the additional time to draw attention to Aigami's intrusion. Aigami, Mani and their friends came out of hiding and faced Kaiba.


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