Millennium Necklace

The Millennium Necklace (also known as the Millennium Tauk, pronounced "torque" in Japanese ( (せん) (ねん) タウク Sennen Tauku), which is the specific type of necklace it is) is a Millennium Item.


The Millennium Necklace was originally owned by the high priestess, Isis, in Ancient Egypt, and became one of the two Items owned by the guardians of the Pharaoh's tomb throughout history, eventually coming to be owned by Marik's sister, Ishizu Ishtar, who is the modern reincarnation of the priestess Isis.

Using it to foresee her victory against Seto Kaiba in the Battle City tournament, Ishizu eventually handed the necklace over to Yugi when her vision failed to come true, knowing that the necklace would be needed for Yugi to defeat and release her brother from the growing evil inside him. After Joey became critically injured after his duel with Yami Marik, the necklace showed Yugi a vision of him and Joey dueling, giving him the courage to fight on.


The necklace allows its wearer to see through time, offering vivid glimpses of the ancient past and near future - futures whose outcomes can only be altered through the inadvertent interference of other Millennium Items.

It can also protect its wearer from the shadow magic of other Millennium Items.


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