A Millennium Eye replica, opened

The Millennium Eye replicas were models of the Millennium Eye that Pegasus used to determine the pairings for the finals of the Duelist Kingdom tournament in the manga and anime. Each replica was hollow and could be split in two to access the inside.[1][2]


Pegasus had four pieces of paper, each with one letter, A, B, C or D, placed inside four replicas. They were randomly placed in bowls of soup served to the finalists at the Duelist Kingdom dinner party. The finalists were horrified to find the eyes in their soup. Pegasus then appeared on a screen and explained that it was part of the tournament bingo game. He instructed the finalists to crack open their replicas. Joey received "D", Mai received "B" and Yami Yugi received "A". In the manga, Bandit Keith had not attended and was given "C" by default. In the anime, his eye had the "C" inside it. This meant that Yami Yugi and Mai were the first semifinalists to Duel and Keith and Joey were the second.[1][2]

In the manga, Bakura asked Dark Yugi if he could have his replica[1] and was given it. At the end of the tournament, Dark Bakura killed Pegasus and stole his real Millennium Eye, and then, as a sign of derision, left the replica on the table and told Pegasus to take it with him to Hell.[3]


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