Mike 「マイク」 is a TV producer and Chazz Princeton's sponsor as the Pro Duelist, "Ojamanjoume." He only cares for ratings, however, and will often fix Duels in order to please the audience. He engineers Chazz's loss to Jaden Yuki in order to make the public laugh, and later attempts to create publicity for Chazz by having him defeat Aster Phoenix; he rigs their Duel by stealing Aster's best card, "Destiny End Dragoon" and by threatening to purchase an orphanage Aster gave much of his pay to and close it down. Jaden ruins Mike's plans by exposing him in front of the audience and throwing "Destiny End Dragoon" to Aster; Chazz wins the Duel fairly. Mike is taken away by the Senrigan Group.

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