Michizure of Doom
  • Japanese: 墓穴の道連れ
  • Romaji: Haka'ana no Michizure
  • Translated: Fellow Traveller to the Grave
Card type


Both players show their hands to each other. You both select 2 cards from each other's hand and place them in the Graveyard. Shuffle the player's hands back to their respective decks and draw the same number of cards as the players had before.

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Name Lore
Japanese 墓穴の道連れ プレイヤーは互いに手札を見せ合い カードを2枚墓地に捨てさせる。残りの手札はデッキに入れ シャッフルした後、最初の手札の数だけカードを引く



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Reveals your hand for effect +, Reveals your opponent's hand +, Discards for effect +, Returns from your hand to your Deck +, Returns from your opponent's hand to your opponent's Deck +, You draw cards +  and Your opponent draws cards +
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Michizure of Doom +
Michizure of Doom +
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プレイヤーは互いに手札を見せ合い カードを2枚墓地に捨てさせる。残りの手札はデッキに入れ シャッフルした後、最初の手札の数だけカードを引く +
墓穴の道連れ +
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Michizure of Doom (manga) +
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Haka'ana no Michizure +
墓穴の道連れ +
Fellow Traveller to the Grave +