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"Metaphys" (メタファイズ Metafaizu) is an archetype of LIGHT Wyrm monsters that debuted in Duelist Alliance but did not have any support until Circuit Break. With the exception of "Metaphys Executor", they are all counterparts to existing monsters from the Duel Monsters and GX eras of Yu-Gi-Oh.

"Metaphysical Regeneration" has been renamed in order to exclude it from the archetype in the TCG. The inclusion of cards whose names contain the feminine word "Metafisica" (e.g. "Ascensione Metafisica") seems to be implicit in the Italian version because their names don't contain "Metafisico".


Metaphys counterpart Original monster
Metaphys Armed Dragon Armed Dragon LV7
Metaphys Daedalus Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
Metaphys Decoy Dragon Decoy Dragon
Metaphys Executor none
Metaphys Horus Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6
Metaphys Nephthys Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Metaphys Tyrant Dragon Tyrant Dragon
Metaphys Ragnarok Divine Dragon Ragnarok

Playing style[]

The Effect Monsters revolve around banishing each other and gaining advantage upon being banished. Some of them gain an additional effect when Special Summoned by the effect of a "Metaphys" monster. Their effects are quite diverse, ranging from the search of resources to the mass removal of monsters or spells and traps. Due to the mechanic revolving around their banishment, they have synergy with effects like that of "Sacred Sword of Seven Stars", "D.D. Sprite", "Gold Sarcophagus", etc.

"Metaphys Executor" banishes 5 different "Metaphys" cards for its summon, so it is a good idea to use "Necroface" to recycle those cards for later use. "Metaphys Armed Dragon" can be used as a material for "Executor" and you can get it back by using "Metaphys Dimension" or the Level 10 "Metaphys" monster itself.

Official Decklist[]


  1. Ygorganization Konami's Metaphys Deck