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* Returns itself from Graveyard to Deck
* Returns itself from Graveyard to Deck
* You draw cards
* You draw cards
| summoning = Fusion Summons
| summoning = Performs a Fusion Summon
| misc =
| misc =
* Only once per turn
* Only once per turn

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Metalfoes Fusion
錬装融合 (メタルフォーゼ・フュージョン)
English Metalfoes Fusion
French Fusion Métalphose
German Metallfose-Fusion
Italian Fusione Metalfosi
Korean 메탈포제 퓨전
Portuguese Fusão Metalmorfose
Spanish Fusión del Metalmórfico
Japanese (kana) メタルフォーゼ・フュージョン
Japanese (base) 錬装融合
Japanese (rōmaji) Metarufōze Fyūjon
Japanese (translated) Metalphosis Fusion
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 73594093
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