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Memories of the Duel King: Battle City Arc is a the second set in the Memories of the Duel King series, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It contains one preconstructed Deck and four additional cards. The Deck mostly replicates the Deck used by Yugi Mutou and Dark Yugi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga during the Battle City and Tournament Finals arcs.


The 40-card Main Deck and 1-card Extra Deck is based on the Deck used by Yugi Mutou and Dark Yugi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga during the Battle City and Tournament Finals arcs.

The cards that were in Yugi's Deck during the Battle City or Tournament Finals arcs, but not this Deck (excluding the Egyptian God cards), are "Feral Imp", "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", "Brain Control", "Fiend's Sanctuary", "De-Spell", "Remove Trap", "Life Shaver" (which has not been released in the TCG/OCG), and "Mystical Refpanel". Yugi also used "Dark Paladin" during the Tournament Finals arc, but Fusion Monsters did not have physical cards at that point in the manga.

Cards that are in this Deck, but not Yugi's Deck during the Battle City or Tournament Finals arcs:

  • "Swords of Revealing Light", used by him both earlier and later in the series
  • "Dark Magic Curtain", used by Yami Yugi later in the series in the anime and by Pandora in his Duel with Yugi during the Battle City arc
  • "Thousand Knives", used by Yami Yugi later in the series in the anime and by Pandora in his Duel with Yugi during the Battle City arc
  • "Ectoplasmer", used by Pandora in his Duel with Yugi during the Battle City arc
  • "Mirror Force", used by him both earlier and later in the series
  • "Tragedy", used by Pandora in his Duel with Yugi during the Battle City arc

The additional cards are also connected to Yugi.


This set includes:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
15AY-JPB00 Dark Renewal (くろ) () (ぞく) (ふっ) (かつ) (ひつぎ) Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB01 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior () (しゃく) (せん) () マグネット・バルキリオン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
15AY-JPB02 Dark Magician ブラック・マジシャン Ultra Rare Normal Monster
15AY-JPB03 Dark Magician Girl ブラック・マジシャン・ガール Ultra Rare Effect Monster
15AY-JPB04 Buster Blader バスター・ブレイダー Ultra Rare Effect Monster
15AY-JPB05 Archfiend of Gilfer (あん) (こく) () (ぞく) ギルファー・デーモン Common Effect Monster
15AY-JPB06 Jack's Knight ジャックス・ナイト Common Normal Monster
15AY-JPB07 Queen's Knight クィーンズ・ナイト Common Normal Monster
15AY-JPB08 King's Knight キングス・ナイト Common Effect Monster
15AY-JPB09 Berfomet バフォメット Common Effect Monster
15AY-JPB10 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (げん) (じゅう) (おう) ガゼル Common Normal Monster
15AY-JPB11 Alpha The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士α (マグネット・ウォリアー・アルファ) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
15AY-JPB12 Beta The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士β (マグネット・ウォリアー・ベータ) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
15AY-JPB13 Gamma The Magnet Warrior 磁石の戦士γ (マグネット・ウォリアー・ガンマ) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
15AY-JPB14 Big Shield Gardna ビッグ・シールド・ガードナー Common Effect Monster
15AY-JPB15 Kuriboh クリボー Common Effect Monster
15AY-JPB16 Monster Reborn () (しゃ) () (せい) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB17 Swords of Revealing Light (ひかり) () (ふう) (けん) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB18 Dark Magic Curtain (くろ) () (じゅつ) のカーテン Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB19 Thousand Knives 千本 (サウザンド) ナイフ Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB20 Magic Formula () (じゅつ) (じゅ) (もん) (しょ) Common Equip Spell Card
15AY-JPB21 Magical Dimension ディメンション・マジック Common Quick-Play Spell Card
15AY-JPB22 Diffusion Wave-Motion (かく) (さん) する () (どう) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB23 Double Spell 二重魔法 (ダブルマジック) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB24 Ectoplasmer エクトプラズマー Common Continuous Spell Card
15AY-JPB25 Soul Taker ソウルテイカー Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB26 Pot of Greed (ごう) (よく) (つぼ) Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB27 Card Destruction () (ふだ) (まっ) (さつ) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB28 Exchange エクスチェンジ Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB29 Monster Recovery モンスター (かい) (しゅう) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB30 Polymerization (ゆう) (ごう) Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB31 De-Fusion (ゆう) (ごう) (かい) (じょ) Common Quick-Play Spell Card
15AY-JPB32 Multiply (ぞう) (しょく) Common Normal Spell Card
15AY-JPB33 Mirror Force (せい) なるバリア -ミラーフォース- Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB34 Magical Hats マジカルシルクハット Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB35 Magic Cylinder 魔法の筒 (マジック・シリンダー) Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB36 Spellbinding Circle (ろく) (ぼう) (せい) (じゅ) (ばく) Common Continuous Trap Card
15AY-JPB37 Lightforce Sword (ひかり) (ふう) (さつ) (けん) Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB38 Chain Destruction 連鎖破壊 (チェーン・デストラクション) Common Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB39 Soul Rope (たましい) (つな) Common Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB40 Tragedy (だん) (とう) (だい) (さん) (げき) Common Normal Trap Card
15AY-JPB41 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (ゆう) (よく) (げん) (じゅう) キマイラ Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
15AY-JPTKN Token (15th Anniversary) トークン (15周年) Ultra Rare Token Monster
N/A Obelisk the Tormentor オベリスクの (きょ) (しん) (へい) Ultra Rare Egyptian God
N/A Duelist Kingdom (おう) (こく) Ultra Rare Non-Game Card

Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
15AY-KRB00"Dark Renewal""흑마족 부활의 관"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB01"Valkyrion the Magna Warrior""자석의 전사 마그넷 발키리온"Ultra RareEffect Monster
15AY-KRB02"Dark Magician""블랙 매지션"Ultra RareNormal Monster
15AY-KRB03"Dark Magician Girl""블랙 매지션 걸"Ultra RareEffect Monster
15AY-KRB04"Buster Blader""버스터 블레이더"Ultra RareEffect Monster
15AY-KRB05"Archfiend of Gilfer""암흑 마족 길퍼 데몬"CommonEffect Monster
15AY-KRB06"Jack's Knight""잭스 나이트"CommonNormal Monster
15AY-KRB07"Queen's Knight""퀸즈 나이트"CommonNormal Monster
15AY-KRB08"King's Knight""킹스 나이트"CommonEffect Monster
15AY-KRB09"Berfomet""바포메트"CommonEffect Monster
15AY-KRB10"Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts""환상수왕 가젤"CommonNormal Monster
15AY-KRB11"Alpha The Magnet Warrior""마그넷 워리어 α"Ultra RareNormal Monster
15AY-KRB12"Beta The Magnet Warrior""마그넷 워리어 β"Ultra RareNormal Monster
15AY-KRB13"Gamma The Magnet Warrior""마그넷 워리어 γ"Ultra RareNormal Monster
15AY-KRB14"Big Shield Gardna""빅 실드 가드너"CommonEffect Monster
15AY-KRB15"Kuriboh""크리보"CommonEffect Monster
15AY-KRB16"Monster Reborn""죽은 자의 소생"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB17"Swords of Revealing Light""빛의 봉인검"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB18"Dark Magic Curtain""흑마술의 커튼"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB19"Thousand Knives""사우전드 나이프"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB20"Magic Formula""마술의 주문서"CommonEquip Spell Card
15AY-KRB21"Magical Dimension""디멘션 매직"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
15AY-KRB22"Diffusion Wave-Motion""확산하는 파동"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB23"Double Spell""이중마법"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB24"Ectoplasmer""엑토플라즈머"CommonContinuous Spell Card
15AY-KRB25"Soul Taker""소울 테이커"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB26"Pot of Greed""욕망의 항아리"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB27"Card Destruction""카드 파괴"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB28"Exchange""익스체인지"CommonNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB29"Monster Recovery""몬스터 회수"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
15AY-KRB30"Polymerization""융합"Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
15AY-KRB31"De-Fusion""융합 해제"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
15AY-KRB32"Multiply""증식"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
15AY-KRB33"Mirror Force""성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB34"Magical Hats""매지컬 실크햇"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB35"Magic Cylinder""매직 실린더"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB36"Spellbinding Circle""육망성의저주"CommonContinuous Trap Card
15AY-KRB37"Lightforce Sword""빛의 봉쇄검"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB38"Chain Destruction""연쇄 파괴"CommonNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB39"Soul Rope""영혼의 줄"CommonNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB40"Tragedy""단두대의 참극"CommonNormal Trap Card
15AY-KRB41"Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast""유익환상수 키메라"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
15AY-KRTKN"Token (15th Anniversary)"Ultra RareToken
"Obelisk the Tormentor""오벨리스크의 거신병"Ultra RareMonster Card
"Duelist Kingdom"Ultra RareNon-game card

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