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Memento (メメント Memento) is an archetype of many retrained, previously non-Effect, monsters.



Their name and design could be a play on the double meaning of memento, which often is a valued present or heirloom given by a beloved deceased, or memento mori, which is usually a depiction of macabre pictures, intended to show somebody his own mortality. The seemingly decayed state of the creatures as the fact that they are decorated with crystals or rubies supports also both potential meanings. Furthermore, most creatures are not just stylised to look very similar: they also have very similar poses to the cards they are based on.


Memento Original Monster
Goblin Goblin Calligrapher
Mace Key Mace
Ghattic Wretched Ghost of the Attic
Angwitch Fairywitch
Shleepy Mystical Sheep 2
Dark Blade Dark Blade
Tatsunootoshigo Tatsunootoshigo
Akihiron Akihiron
-Horned Dragon Tri-Horned Dragon
Twin Dragon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Mementoal Tecuhtlica - Combined Creation N/A
Mementomictlan Tecuhtlica - Creation King N/A

Playing style[]

Their playing style mainly revolves around special summoning their high level monsters quickly for free, which their effects enable if the GY has enough other Memento monster cards in it. Cards and archetypes that can send monsters to the GY fast can help in setting the strategy up, like "Lightsworn" or Zombies.

Since most Memento monsters just require to have monsters in the GY to summon them, cards like "Necrovalley" or "The End of Anubis" can help protecting them too.

Recommended cards[]