Melffy is an archetype of Level/Rank 2 EARTH Beast monsters which debuted in "Rise of the Duelist".


The artworks of this archetype are drawn in a cartoonish style similar to children's story books. It also uses pastel color palettes.


The name of this archetype may be a portmanteau of "melt" (メル) and "fluffy" (フィー).


Every member of this archetype are based on various kinds of animal. "Melffy Mommy" is probably supposed to be the 'mother' of Melffys, as shown in the artwork of "Melffy Playhouse", where "Mommy" appears to be gigantic and taking care of small Melffys.


Melffy Origin
Catty Cat
Fenny Fennec fox
Mommy Marmot
Pony Pony
Puppy Dog
Rabby Rabbit
Melffy of the Forest Various animals

Playing style

"Melffy" is an archetype focused on Xyz Summoning and disruption tactics. Every Main Deck "Melffy" monster can Special Summon themselves from the hand on the player's End Phase, and return themselves to the hand when attacked or if the opponent summons a monster, along with some other effect meant to generically support Beast monsters, such as adding them to the hand, special summoning them or recovering them from the graveyard.

The Xyz Monsters of the archetype have effects based on having many Xyz Materials, with the Deck's boss monster, "Melffy Mommy" being able to be Xyz Summoned with many materials at once, and gaining powerful effects once it has 5 of them, turning it into essentially a Beast "Yubel". It's very defensive in nature and stronger in grind games, attempting to gather as many resources as it can for a big attack at the end, mainly through the trap "Melffy Playhouse", which can bounce most of your opponent’s field and increase your Xyz Monsters' ATK to ludicrous levels for a final OTK.
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