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Melffy is an archetype of Level/Rank 2 EARTH Beast monsters which debuted in "Rise of the Duelist".


The artworks of this archetype are drawn in a cartoonish style similar to children's story books. It also uses pastel color palettes. The spells and traps reference childrens' games.


The name of this archetype may be a portmanteau of "melt" (メル) and "fluffy" (フィー). The name of this archetype may be a portmanteau of "märchen" (メルヘン) and "fee" (フィー). Both words are German, with "märchen" meaning "fairy tale" and "fee" meaning "fairy". It may also be a pun on "fluffy". The Spells and Traps reference various children games.


Every member of this archetype are based on various kinds of animal. "Melffy Mommy" is probably supposed to be the 'mother' of Melffys, as shown in the artwork of "Melffy Playhouse", where "Mommy" appears to be gigantic and taking care of small Melffys.

All "Melffy" monsters display a flower shaped fur mark with a heart in the center somewhere on their bodies, along with a heart shaped fur mark on their chests, except for "Melffy Mommy" who has it's heart mark closer to the belly.



Melffy Origin
Catty Cat
Fenny Fennec fox
Mommy Marmot
Pony Pony
Puppy Dog
Rabby Rabbit
Wally Wallaby
Pinny Seal
Melffy of the Forest, Joyous Melffys and Merry Melffys Various animals

Spells and Traps

Spell/Trap Origin
Hide-and-Seek Hide-and-seek
Staring Contest Staring contest
Tag Tag
Playhouse House

Playing style

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