Mei, is a student at Queen's Duel Academy, who hangs out with Sakura. Her romanized name comes from the Japanese words 芽 (me) "bud, sprout" combined with 依 (i) "reliant", 生 (i) "life" or 衣 (i) "clothing, garment"


Mei heard from her father, who works in Public Security Maintenance Bureau that Jack Atlas is in Satellite. After Akiza Izinski defeats Ran Kobayakawa in a Turbo Duel, Mei tells her about Jack. Akiza then walks away, remembering her loss to Jack.[1]

Mei and Sakura go to Satellite with Akiza. Here they bump into Yusei Fudo. She inspects Yusei's Duel Runner and coments that it looks worn-out. Sakura tells her that she is being rude, but calls it "rugged", when she tries to find a nicer term. Yusei yells at Mei when she tries to touch the Runner but then apologizes, explaining that he doesn't like people touching it. Mei and Sakura are both shocked when Akiza challenges Yusei to a One-Shot Run. Although Akiza wins, they are surprised to see that Yusei breaks one of her crests.[2]


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