"Megalith" (メガリス Megarisu) is an archetype of EARTH Rock Ritual monsters introduced in Ignition Assault,


The members are named for the Olympian spirits, a group of spirits mentioned in many Renaissance-era texts on magic rituals and ceremonies. Each spirit corresponds to one of the Classical planets of anquity (which were not actually planets, just celestial objects visible to ancient astronomers).


Megalith Origin Celestial body
Aratron Aratron Saturn
Bethor Bethor Jupiter
Hagith Hagith Venus
Och Och The Sun
Ophiel Ophiel Mercury
Phaleg Phaleg Mars
Phul Phul The Moon

Playing style

Their biggest strength is the ability to Ritual Summon monsters on your opponent’s turn, using the effects of "Aratron", "Och", and "Phul". This effect can be used to summon monsters like "Megalith Bethor", or "Shinobaron Peacock" on your opponent’s turn to greatly disrupt your opponent’s plays. ("Aratron" and "Phul" can only summon "Megalith" monsters, but "Phul" can Ritual Summon from the deck). Then since your opponent likely has very little board presence, you then summon "Phaleg" and attack for game.

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