McKendrick Kellenbocker, known as Makoto Kimishima (君島マコト Kimishima Makoto) in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Yusaku Fujiki's classmate.


McKendrick has black hair, and black eyes. In LINK VRAINS, he has the same hairstyle, except blond. His outfit is yellow, green and black, somewhat similar to the colors of Playmaker's outfit.



During the spread of The Deleted, Cal Kolter and Yusaku Fujiki postulated that McKendrick would be the next victim, having uncovered the Duel Disk he wears and known about his hacking and dueling skills. Yusaku quickly went to McKendrick's home and witnessed his "deletion" from just outside. Yusaku intruded McKendrick's room and saw that McKendrick was unconscious, forcibly logged into LINK VRAINS. Witnessing from the computer screen in McKendrick's room, Yusaku saw McKendrick in his avatar being cornered by a Knight of Hanoi that was asking for Playmaker. That Knight of Hanoi sprayed a virus that rendered McKendrick unconscious inside LINK VRAINS as well, and he fell off the cliff behind him, but was saved by The Gore. Yusaku quickly rushed McKendrick to hospital, where he was visited by George Gore and his manager. [1] Gore's manager continued to look over McKendrick's ward while Gore dueled the Knight of Hanoi responsible, Dr. Genome. After Genome was defeated, he handed over an antidote and McKendrick was cured.[2]


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