Mattimatica Linework

Mathmatica's linework.

Mathmatica,「マティマティカ」(Mattimatika) is the 10th ranked Pro League Duelist who wears a red suit covered in numbers. He challenges Damon to a Duel during the Genex Tournament but loses. Prior to this, he is shown defeating several Duel Academy students, resulting in others actually running away to avoid Dueling him. He manages to catch up to the others, but ends up losing to Damon.


In the dub, he rhymes what he says with math equations.


Mathmatica plays a Math Deck, which appears to focus on a Lockdown strategy using "Gravity Bind" while inflicting damage with "Fatal Abacus".



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Obelisk Blue student 90 Win
Damon 90 Lose
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