Note: This article is an unofficial English translation of the official Japanese Master Guide 4 card storylines. The following information is presented in a format closely mimicking that of the Master Guide 4. The original linguistic conventions have been edited for coherence, but all meanings have been preserved as best as possible.

File No. 01: The Great Battle Raging between Fire and Water in the South Seas


The "Atlanteans" wished to extend their dominance, not just across the oceans, but also over the surrounding land. The "Fire Kings" defended their island against this aggression. Here will be revealed the story of the fierce battles between these two forces, and of the "Mermail" who were swept up into this war!

The Greedy Ruler of the Seas

The "Atlanteans'" endless desire to rule drove them to spread their forces, not only in the oceans, but also on the land. Their assault went undeterred until they ruled much of the Southern Landscape. With their influence and power spread that wide, they began making preparations to attack their long-held enemies, the "Fire Kings", in their home volcano regions.
"Poseidra the Atlantean Dragon"
The "Atlantean" ruler, who is driven by endless greed. He created the "Atlantean" army to satisfy his desire to expand his territory.
"Legendary Atlantean Tridon""Lost Blue Breaker"
"Legendary Atlantean Tridon" preyed upon "Lost Blue Breaker", and grew into "Poseidra".

Assault of the "Atlantean" Troops

When the cunning "Atlanteans" began their assaults, they focused on areas that were inhabited by beings and groups without much power. They would absorb those lands into their territory and gain more power from them, then they would attack other weak areas again, and they repeated that process several times. By the time the inhabitants of nearby areas caught on, the problem had already become hard for them to manage.
"Atlantean Dragoons""Atlantean Heavy Infantry"
"Atlantean Marksman""Atlantean Attack Squad""Atlantean Pikeman"
"Call of the Atlanteans"
The "Atlantean" army launched its assault on the signal of "Poseidra's" roar, which instilled fear into his own ranks and reminded those who feared death that there was no turning back.

The Sanctuary's Protectors

The "Fire Kings" protect a lone island, whose live volcano serves as both their sanctuary and their home. When they battle, their bodies flare up to their limits and burn up, but they reincarnate from within those flames. Thus, they manage to keep battling time and time again without being defeated.
"Fire King High Avatar Garunix"
A divine bird who boasts the most intense flames, even among the "Fire Kings". He can create a sea of flames to scorch away any intruders who dare set foot in the sanctuary.
"Fire King Avatar Barong""Fire King Avatar Yaksha""Fire King Avatar Kirin"
The sanctuary's guardians, who follow "Garunix". Even if their bodies disappear in battle, their spirits live on, and their flaming power and souls are inherited by the next "Fire King".

The "Fire Kings" and "Atlanteans" Clash

After expanding their territory farther and farther, the "Atlanteans" finally reached the Fire Kings' island and began their attack. "Garunix" had to burn himself to his limits against such an immense army, but he incinerated many of them. The "Fire Kings" sacrificed their very bodies to resist, and in the face of that, the "Atlanteans" could do nothing but retreat.
"High Tide on Fire Island"
At the command of "Poseidra's" roar, the "Atlantean" vanguards tried to invade the island. When "Garunix" faced their attack, his body turned golden, and he started assailing them from above.
"Onslaught of the Fire Kings""Circle of the Fire Kings""Fire King Avatar Garunix"
After "Garunix's" body was incinerated into nothing, he returned to the volcano to reincarnate himself.

The Metropolis Surfaces from the Deep Sea

One day, tectonic movements caused a sunken seafloor land to surface. "Lemuria" had been a highly advanced civilization in the past, and the Surface World called it the discovery of the century, but the "Mermail" who'd made it their home knew that this meant it would be taken from them.
"Lemuria, the Forgotten City"
A glorious city whose civilization and technology are both highly advanced. In the long-distant past, tectonic movements caused it to sink into the ocean, and its name was since relegated to folk tales.

The "Mermail", the Residents of "Lemuria"

A tribe that lived in the seas near "Lemuria" long before the city sank into the ocean. They had struggled to fight off their enemies, but they'd finally found calm in the sunken "Lemuria".
"Mermail Abyssmegalo""Mermail Abysspike""Mermail Abysslinde"

The Legendary Tribe from Folklore

The water-dwelling "Mermail" also appear in the folklore about "Lemuria". They have fearsome powers, but they dislike fighting, so, aside from some members of the Imperial Guard, they take on human-like appearances. But once they become determined to fight, they don mana-infused armor to defeat their enemies with unmatched power.
"Mermail Abyssbalaen"
"Mermail Abyssteus""Mermail Abyssleed"
"Mermail Abyssdine""Mermail Abyssturge""Abyss-scorn"
"Abyss-scorn" is what happens when the "Mermail" reveal just a fraction of their power. Even someone like "Abyssdine", who looks young and helpless, can be merciless in battles. The "Mermail" have great power even without their weapons.

"Mermail" Treasure

In addition to the three mana-infused armors, there is apparently another treasure that the "Mermail" guard. It is said that whosoever wields this treasure will be able to rule over them as their king.
"Abyss-scale of Cetus""Abyss-scale of the Kraken""Abyss-scale of the Mizuchi"

The "Mermail" King and the Legend of the Bracelet

Usually, the "Mermails" are led by their queen, "Abysstrite", with their king nowhere to be seen. Some say that the person who manages to obtain a certain bracelet will become the "Mermail" king, but no one except the queen knows where that bracelet is.
"Mermail Abysstrite"
The only being who knows the location of the bracelet which grants immeasurable power. Rumor has it that it's hidden somewhere in "Lemuria", but because "Lemuria" has surfaced, she no longer knows the exact location of the bracelet.

The Stolen Treasure and King's Advent

Upon hearing the rumors, the "Atlanteans" used the turmoil from the city's surfacing to steal the bracelet and control the "Mermail". They turned the battle against the "Fire Kings" in their favor by using the "Mermail" as vanguards in the assault. But "Poseidra" got too full of himself and put on the bracelet, and instantly, his body began to change, and the "Mermail" King who was spoken of in legends appeared.

The power of the bracelet is great: using it, the "Atlanteans" summoned a downpour that robbed the "Fire Kings" of their power, and all others who dared to disobey them were reduced to bubbles in the ocean...
"Mermail Abyssgaios"
"Poseidra's" body was taken over by the king residing in the bracelet. The king eliminated the "Atlantean" army with ease. It appears that "Abysstrite" had sealed the bracelet away because the king's advent required a sacrifice.

File No. 02: The Maiden Exiled from Paradise


Who is this woman who has taken so many treasures from God's treasure room? Why is she doing this? What will her fate be, now that she has repeatedly performed this forbidden act? All these questions will be answered here.

She Who Has Tasted the Joy of the Forbidden

Maybe it was because her everyday life was so full of hardship, and left her so tired, that one of the holy maidens living in Paradise accidentally entered God's treasure room and took one of His treasures. Putting her lips to the "Chalice" sent a joy she'd never before felt through her entire body. Since then, she snuck into the treasure room every once in a while to sneak a treasure out, knowing full well that that was expressly forbidden.
"Forbidden Chalice""Forbidden Lance""Forbidden Dress"

The Taken Treasures

Aside from the joy-inducing "Chalice", the treasures she snuck out included the "Lance" that could slice through any type of demonic power, and the "Dress" that could ward its wearer from disasters and destruction. And of course, God took notice.

God's Wrath and the Fallen Holy Maiden

One day, she snuck into the treasure room like usual to find her next target, not realizing that this was the last chance God was giving her to stop. Her blasphemous acts angered God greatly, and the maiden was banished from paradise.

"Forbidden Scripture"
She found a book of prophecies written by God Himself: the original text of a certain holy book worshiped around the world.
"Solemn Judgment"
"Condemned Maiden"
The tragic end of someone who kept herself pure in the service of God. She will not be forgiven until the divine powers residing within her completely fade away, as punishment for touching the treasures. Until then, she continues to wander the world...

File No. 03: The Thereafter of the DT World

My name is "Steelswarm Roach". During the last Great War, I managed to leave the Cycle with a tremendous power. That War's great final battle pitted the fate of every living being against the planet's Creator Goddess. I'm going to talk briefly about the events on the Surface World that followed that battle.

The Great War with the World on the Line

The "Planetforger" wanted to destroy and recreate the world in an endless loop until her ideal world was formed, and all life on the planet gathered to stand against her. Finally, by the actions of the Two Warriors who'd obtained just fragments of her power, she was defeated, and a new age began on the Surface World.
Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth Art
"Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth"
Evilswarm Kerykeion artConstellar Sombre Art
"Evilswarm Kerykeion""Constellar Sombre"

The Being Watching Over the World's Path

I was originally a sealed demon, but one day, due to contact with a power that was not from this planet, I ascended to a higher level of being that stood outside the Cycle of Reincarnation. Ever since, I've been guided by that power to live a very long life as the observer to the path the world will take.
"Steelswarm Sentinel""Advance Zone""Steelswarm Roach"

Saying Goodbye to the Goddess's Vestige

After defeating the "Planetforger", "Sombre" and "Kerykeion" bade farewell to those who remained. I don't know where they headed, but the fragments of the "Planetforger's" power residing within them probably led them to watch over the Surface World somewhere out there.
"Sacred Serpent's Wake"

Those Carrying on the New World

Due to their vast knowledge, the "Gishki" youths "Avance" and "Emilia" would play a central role among the youngsters tasked with building the new world. They had fought together with the Two Warriors, and they came to say their goodbyes before the Two left the Surface World for good.
"Gishki Emilia""Gishki Avance"

Those Who Obtained the Planet's Power

In the deepest reaches of the Naturia Forests rests the World Tree, whose roots are said to reach the planet's very core. The Tree's overflowing planetary powers allowed me to reach a new level of evolution. And after "Leodrake", the sacred beast guarding the World Tree, obtained the planet's power like me, he gained the form of King of the Naturia Forest, "Leo".
"Evilswarm Exciton Knight"
Even after obtaining my new power, I still perform my role as the world's watcher every day. But, lately, it feels like something ominous is happening in the world again...
"Naturia Leodrake""Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree"
The strongest beast in the Naturia Forest. He doesn't like fighting and usually spends his day in peace deep within the woods, but you could really see his leonine strength in the previous Great War.

The Little Protector in the Great Marshland

The Great Marshlands are home to many tribes. "Pilica" was born into the lineage of the Chief of the tribe that protected the Marshlands. The staff she holds was passed down through the generations, and the statue at its tip was carved on by its previous owner, "Kamui", as a memento of his partner who fell in the Great War.

Pilica, Descendant of Gusto: Descendant of Reeze and Kamui

"Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto""Kamui, Hope of Gusto"
Pilica, Descendant of Gusto Art
"Pilica, Descendant of Gusto"
She got her hairband from her best friend in the "Gishki". It can be seen as a symbol of the peace between the "Gusto" and "Gishki", who had battled each other fiercely in the past.
"Gusto Falco"
"Kamui's" partner. He was able to synchronize perfectly with "Kamui", and the two performed many great combo attacks. However, he lost his life in the Great War while protecting "Kamui".

The Hero's Corpse and the Rampage of Power

It seems that "Crystal's" core, which had stopped functioning after the Great War, began overloading due to the forced multiple Fusions he'd endured. The core absorbed all light and took on an ominous form. Something like this has never happened before... Maybe this has something to do with that ominous feeling I've been getting lately...

Cairngorgon art
"Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight"
"Gem-Knight Crystal"
A commanding officer of the "Gem-Knights", the main force in the Great War. He fused repeatedly throughout the battles in order to adapt to any and every situation, but he eventually gave all his powers to "Sombre", and fell.

File No. 04: The Wisdom of the Latest Magical Research, and the Fate of One Boy


It's said that there's not a single person studying magic who doesn't know the name of "La Maison", the "Grand Spellbook Tower". We're going to publish a story about its state-of-the-art magitech wonders and the war they triggered, and about a single boy who walked a strange and fateful path!!

The Educational Research Institute, "La Maison"

The educational research institute, "La Maison", has produced top-notch Spellcasters who've specialized in a wide range of fields, from combat to technological research. "La Maison" houses a large collection of "Spellbooks" that are filled to the brim with wisdom accumulated through many years of research. Some of these tomes are available to the average Spellcaster.
"The Grand Spellbook Tower"
La Maison
"Empress of Prophecy""Hierophant of Prophecy"
Trice and Hieron, La Maison's two administrators.

The "Spellbooks" Use Magic to Record Information

Inside "La Maison", wisdom is recorded using magic itself. A Crest-Type computer terminal has been developed to let visitors extract data, and it uses certain technology to transmit and actualize that data.
"Spellbook of Wisdom""Spellbook of Life"

The Spellbook Libraries of Light and Darkness

The Spellbook Libraries contain the accumulated wisdom of "La Maison" in the form of magic. "Solein" contains the magic of Light, while "Crescen" contains the magic of Darkness. Although they are called Libraries, they do not contain books made of paper.

"Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere"
The library, "Lumen", contains "Spellbooks" that are used purely for information, and are read by the average Spellcaster. It includes information on history, medicine, and basic technology.
"Spellbook Library of the Crescent"
The library, "Crescen", contains a permanent(?) collection of "Spellbooks" that no one but members of "La Maison" can access, centering around such topics as combat technology and life quests.

Administrator of the Spelbook Libraries

If you want to search for and through "Spellbooks" without much actual information about them, you'll usually need the handheld index, "Grimo". But "Batel", the Libraries' administrator, has the entire facility's contents recorded in his photographic memory, so he can can actualize any "Spellbook" using his own magical power.
"Spellbook of Secrets""Spellbook Magician of Prophecy"
Grimo and Batel

The Magical Stones at the Heart of "La Maison"

There is a reason the "Spellbooks" use magic as a medium when recording information. The amount of information in "La Maison" is mindbogglingly huge, and many times in the past, when it was recorded on mere paper, it was not updated. But a solution was developed in the form of magic-absorbing stones that collected the magic of every "Spellbook" used, along with the identity of its user. Thus, information can now be smoothly updated, as it is fed directly back into the Libraries.

The Magical Feedback System of "La Maison"

"Amores of Prophecy""Emperor of Prophecy""High Priestess of Prophecy"
Users of the magical terminals.
"The Grand Spellbook Tower"
After the terminals are activated, their magic is collected by the stones orbiting La Maison's spire.
"Spellbook Star Hall"
A giant magical stone is enshrined in the center of the mysterious hall, "Etoile", at the bottom of "La Maison". The Spellbooks' magical power and usage history is collected outside in the air, and is then accumulated here.
"Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere""Spellbook Library of the Crescent"
The magic collected and recorded in "Etoile" is then used to update the information stored in the libraries at the middle of "La Maison". Then, users retrieve the updated data from their terminals, and the cycle repeats.

The Belief of the Magical Citadel's King

The King of the Magical Citadel believed that magical knowledge should be controlled, and should only be used "effectively". He feared the expanding power of "La Maison", which handed out such knowledge willy-nilly, and as such he decided that he should take control of the institute.
"Magical Citadel of Endymion"
Magical knowledge in Endymion is controlled by the city's administrative system, of which the King is in charge. Magical researchers cannot study freely in Endymion, but their social status is guaranteed.
"Crusader of Endymion"
"Endymion, the Master Magician"
This is the King, Endymion, who bears the name of the Magical Citadel, and these are his bodyguards. Instead of using magical terminals that only a few people can operate, he and his men use stones made from crystallized magical energy. His city adopted this system so that even those without magic could receive its benefits.
"Defender, the Magical Knight"

The Talented but Carefree Boy, "Mat"

"Mat" had a membership at one of the advanced laboratories of "La Maison". Because of his natural talent, "Hieron" and "Trice" considered him qualified to view the higher-class "Spellbooks". Instead, he spent most of his days carefree, never using a magical computer terminal of his own.
"Fool of Prophecy"
Living without any goals in mind, without any particular cares, he was considered the very opposite of everything "La Maison" stood for.

The "Endymion" Army Invades!!

One a day like any other, which "Mat" spent doing nothing at all, the "Endymion" army attacked "La Maison". The institute was unable to do anything in the face of the organized, systematic attack of "Endymion".
"Spellbook of Fate"
The individual staff members of "La Maison" have very strong magic, but they're not very good at fighting as a group. Their combat-related magic generally isn't great either.

The Forbidden Book is Unleashed

While many sacrificed their lives, "Mat" got his hands on a magical terminal for the first time and searched for power. He accessed the "Spellbook of the Master", pulling out whatever he could... but unbeknownst to him, a wicked magic that had been sealed away since an ancient invasion was waiting to break free from its seal via one of the "Spellbooks".
"Spellbook of the Master"
The boy had secretly accessed the "Spellbook of the Master", and the dark magic slipped out of the forbidden book and into him. The magic sensed the incredible power "Mat" possessed, and began corrupting him in order to take over his body and soul.

The Spreader of Death, "La Mort"

The magic sealed inside the "Spellbook of the Master" corrupted "Mat", turning him into a wicked sorcerer. He began to spread death to all those around him, whether they were friend or foe.
"Reaper of Prophecy"
His scythe can reap anyone's life in a single swing. The battlefield fell into chaos. The serious losses he inflicted on the "Endymion" military caused them to retreat, but the boy faced death due to the rampaging magic.

The Boy Who Became an Angel

"La Mort", driven to the verge of death, could not withstand the dark magic's corruption. "Hieron" and "Trice" refused to stand by and watch him die, so they entrusted him with the ritual, "Judgment", which had the power to destroy darkness and save the pure. The dark magic that had corrupted him was cast out of him, and the holy magic inside of him was amplified, and he was saved.
"Spellbook of Judgment""Spellbook of Miracles""World of Prophecy"
At the end of the violent conflict between holy and wicked magic inside him, "Mat" was miraculously revived. His body was divinely changed from "Reaper", the embodiment of death, and it transcended into the body of an angel capable of controlling the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind.

File No. 05: Where'd Sangan Go?

Everyone's idol, "Sangan", hasn't been seen for a while! I got a request to go look for him, and learned that he'd apparently gone on a vacation to the Underworld and hadn't returned. Time to have a look over the evidence and witness testimony!

A Fun Underworld Trip

It seems that, after spending a long time pondering, "Sangan" had decided to head for his roots: the Underworld. We have confirmed that, after sightseeing in the Underworld, he was last seen riding the "Tour Bus from the Underworld", which was departing for the Living World. Ms. "Tour Guide" remembers seeing him too.

"Tour Guide from the Underworld"
She said, "He said very happily that he was, 'going home after changing buses!'"

Tragedy Strikes at Breaktime

I have obtained this photograph from a traveler. It appears "Sangan" wanted to take a bus home after resting at the terminal, but he got on the wrong one.

This photograph captures the exact moment of his disappearance. The bus you see way in the back is the one he should have gotten on.

The Fun Trip Turns Bad...

After searching for a while, I managed to contact a passenger who'd met "Sangan" on that bus in that picture. Apparently, "Sangan" had sensed the mood and realized he was on the wrong bus, and he'd gotten off somewhere along its route.

"Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms"
"Tribe-Infecting Virus"
The three of them said, "We'd never seen such a cute thing before, so we picked on him a little to tease him. He got off in a hurry, so I guess we might have gone too far."

Got Off the Bus and Took a Shared Ride in a Taxi!!

According to the trio's witness accounts, after "Sangan" got off the bus, he shared a taxi ride with someone. I still have no idea where he is, but I promise I'll continue looking and provide new information any time something comes up.

"Shared Ride"
It looks like he shared a ride with the Angel who lives in the Underworld. But where did they go...?
"Graceful Charity"

File No. 06: Development Record of the Future's Aircraft - The Quantum Engineering That Changed History

As quantum engineering swiftly developed, the rules of aerial combat were redefined by the "Mecha Phantom Beasts": state-of-the-art dogfighters with an all-new defense system. In this file, we will unveil the project's development history, along with the unexpected ways in which the "Mecha Phantom Beasts" evolved.

Decoys Freed from the Limits of Physical Bodies

The advanced technology of the "Mecha Phantom Beasts" includes quantum-output machines which create decoys that are nearly indistinguishable from the originals on radar, and are said to be so efficient at drawing away fire that as long as a single decoy has been deployed, the original machine cannot be shot down.
"Megaraptor" Token"Tetherwolf" Token"Harrliard" Token
These war machines are known as "Beasts" because they resemble various animals, and the word "Phantom" refers to their mechanism that generates illusions indistinguishable from their actual bodies, even by mechanical measurements.
"Do a Barrel Roll"
By doing a barrel roll while emitting tons of decoys, they can even dodge a missile salvo. They don't use camouflage or different paint coatings as would be common sense in dogfights; instead, they force enemies to spend resources to deal with their decoys.

The First-Generation Mecha Phantom Beasts

These were the first combat-ready "Mecha Phantom Beasts", equipped with decoy-generating devices. Many uses for them were explored, but since the decoys are lumps of quantum energy, the first wave ultimately used them mostly to protect themselves and secure aerial control during dogfights.
"Mecha Phantom Beast Blackfalcon""Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf""Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat""Mecha Phantom Beast Megaraptor""Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray"
The "Beast" doesn't just come from their animal-shaped fuselages; it's also based on the AI they're equipped with, which supports the autopilot with a thought process similar to that of an animal.
"Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack""Xyz Override"
A massive "Mecha Phantom Beast" with a body shaped for transportation. It's equipped with mechanisms that can emit decoys for its partners, or use those decoys' energy to induce explosions.

The Second-Generation Mecha Phantom Beasts

This generation of "Mecha Phantom Beasts" is characterized by tactical diversity. There was much study and analysis of new decoy-related strategies. A new-concept aircraft called "Concuruda" was designed to protect the formerly-throwaway decoys while also using their energy to move at supersonic speeds to avoid attacks.
"Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer""Mecha Phantom Beast Harrliard""Mecha Phantom Beast Blue Impala""Mecha Phantom Beast Coltwing""Mecha Phantom Beast Aerosguin"
The winged, airship-style "Mecha Phantom Beasts" were used to test various tactics and strategies.
"Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda""Sonic Boom"
"Concoruda" can convert decoys into energy to perform a sound-barrier-breaking suicide attack.

The Third-Generation "Mecha Phantom Beasts"

This generation developed large-scale and high-powered "Mecha Phantom Beasts", based on the premise that the decoys would help protect them where they would otherwise be disadvantaged in aerial combat. However, the use of small aircraft in large numbers was found to be more effective, so later generations of "Mecha Phantom Beasts" didn't follow this generation's line of thinking.
"Mecha Phantom Beast Sabre Hawk""Mecha Phantom Beast Kalgriffin"

Space-Based "Mecha Phantom Beasts"

The quantum decoys' energy-efficiency caught the eyes of space agencies, so a wave of "Mecha Phantom Beasts" was developed for use in outer space. After launching from the surface, they could produce decoys and use them for extravehicular activities.

"Mecha Phantom Beast Warbluran"
The first "Mecha Phantom Beast" sent into space. Its purpose is to verify the usages and applications of the decoys in outer space.
"Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion"
It uses its solar panels to convert its internally-stored energy into a decoy that ensures the safety of extravehicular activities.

The Final Stage of "Mecha Phantom Beast" Development

The lessons learned from the third generation allowed the "Mecha Phantom Beast" forces to evolve toward an increased use of small, speedy aircraft. The "Enterblathnir" was developed as their flagship aircraft carrier, and working from it opened up a variety of missions, such that they could be considered a proper fighting force.
"Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir"
The first flight-capable aircraft carrier. It's armed with high-output engines that have top-of-the-line decoy quantum energy collection capabilities.
"Vertical Landing""Scramble!! Scramble!!""Aerial Recharge"
Many of the "Mecha Phantom Beasts" operate off of "Enterblathnir". These ariships' decoy generation technology, which was initially developed to make evasion easier, ended up changing the course of history, and quantum technology will continue to evolve because of it.

File No. 07: The Prank-Loving Denizens of the Dark


They lurk in the abandoned house on the outskirts of town, in the museum in the middle of the night, and occasionally even in the town itself. And of course, some are waiting close by, just out of your sight. Here, we will display profiles of these prank-loving spirits called "Ghostricks", along with glimpses of their daily lives.

Rumors About the Mansion on the Edge of Town

They say that ghosts live in the mansion right outside the town, and that they'll play tricks on anyone who goes inside. The rumors actually come from the denizens of darkness themselves, the "Ghostricks". After spreading those rumors, they look forward to pranking people lured to the mansion by them. But recently, few people have believed their rumor, so the mansion's been a little lonely.
"Ghostrick Alucard"
Rather than a leader, he is more of a guardian figure who slips into the darkness and watches over the other "Ghostricks". It seems he prefers sleeping quietly in his coffin over actually playing pranks.
"Ghostrick Scare""Ghostrick Vanish"
"Alucard" silently watches over "Specter" and "Lantern" as they attempt to surprise intruders.

The Ghosts Who Inhabit the Mansion

The name "Ghostrick" does not refer to a single type of creature, but to any member of the group of spirits who came from all kinds of places and ended up in "Alucard's" mansion. The one thing they all share is a love of tricks, but each one has its own personal quirks and preferred methods of pranking.
"Ghostrick Mansion"
A glimpse into a midnight scene at "Alucard's" mansion. Somehow, "Stein" has gotten himself quite the scolding from "Witch," but "Alucard" says it's nothing new.
"Ghostrick Specter"
A ghost who loves popping out from the darkness to playfully frighten people who are lost in the mansion. He's always flying around the mansion looking for someone new to scare.
"Ghostrick Lantern"
"Specter's" partner in crime. He, too, can be found flying around the mansion, although the lantern he carries doesn't work too well with his partner's preferred scare tactics...

"Ghostrick Yuki-onna"
If you ever feel a sudden chill out of nowhere, it's her doing. She's very quiet, and her soothing presence makes her well-liked by the rest of the mansion's inhabitants.
"Ghostrick Witch"
She uses magic that drains opponents of their ability to move. She's very strong-willed and isn't afraid of anyone: apparently, in one instance, she got so angry that even "Alucard" couldn't stop her.

"Ghostrick Jiangshi"
He's always hopping around the mansion, on the lookout for intruders (i.e., prime targets), and letting the other "Ghostricks" know if he finds any.
"Ghostrick Break"
To cheer up "Stein" after his scolding from "Witch," "Yuki-onna" plays a little prank on him.

A Late-Night Ruckus at the Museum!!

When night falls on the town museum, the "Ghostricks" masquerading as exhibits begin to move about. When the sun comes up, some exhibits appear to have been moved, and others broken – perhaps this is a result of their frolicking?
"Ghostrick Museum"
A scene from a night when "Alucard" and the other mansion dwellers came to the museum. "Mummy", in high spirits at the sight of these unexpected visitors, ended up breaking one of the exhibits, and got a good scolding from "Witch".

The Hero Who Guards the Museum

Some mornings, thieves will be found unconscious in the museum. Oddly, all of them claim, "I was attacked by a ghost!"...

"Ghostrick Dullahan"
By day, he masquerades as a suit of antique armor, but at night, he shows his true colors as a veteran knight by acting as a leader-figure to the museum's other residents.

The Museum's Inhabitants

Of course, the "Ghostricks" living in the museum protected by "Dullahan" love to play pranks too. They even want to play pranks on daytime visitors, and are constantly itching to do so.

"Ghostrick Jackfrost"
He's technically a frost spirit who disappears, come the hot days of summer. He came to settle down in the museum because of its effective, 24-7 A/C, and has been spending his days happily there ever since.

"Ghostrick Mary"
"Mary" is a ghost who haunts an old dresser on display at the museum. But it seems a spell has been cast on the dresser, so when night comes, it moves around on its own – and she has no choice but to come along for the ride.
"Ghostrick Nekomusume"
She's very helpful, and is always cleaning up after the others' pranks. During the day, she keeps watch around the museum in the guise of a human, and also acts as damage control if any of the others end up moving.
"Ghostrick Mummy"
Before coming to the museum, he spent thousands of years all alone, wishing for friends more than anything else. He reacted with similar excitement when "Alucard" and the mansion dwellers came to visit for the first time.
"Ghostrick Skeleton"
He himself isn't an exhibit in the museum, but he nonchalantly slips around the other exhibits. It seems nobody really notices that he doesn't belong, since he looks like an ordinary skeleton anyway.

Trouble at the Haunted House?!

At the town's haunted house, the revolving door is moving on its own, and the doll set on display has vanished! Why would these attractions start up by themselves if they're normally moved by hand...?
"Skeleton" got the idea to leave the museum and play a daytime prank...but he might have gotten a little ahead of himself...he spun the revolving door too fast, sending his bones flying everywhere. "Nekomusume," looking rather surprised, is cleaning up as usual.

Where Are They Now?! The Phantom "Ghostricks"

According to "Alucard", "Ghostricks" even exist outside the town near his mansion. Right now, it is unclear where they are, but we have tried to collect all of the information "Alucard" has given regarding them.

"Ghostrick Ghoul"
He was originally sleeping in the graveyard near "Alucard's" mansion, but at some point it seems that he went off to a place unknown.
"Ghostrick Yeti"
A long time ago, when "Alucard" traveled to a snowy mountain, he encountered this yeti. It appears "Yuki-onna" gave him one of her rabbit dolls because he seemed lonely.

"Ghostricks", Even in the Town

The "Ghostricks" don't only thrive in deserted places like abandoned mansions and nighttime museums: some live unseen among humans as well. Among these outliers are the dream-manipulating demon, "Socuteboss", and the two "Ghostricks" living under her protection.
"Ghostrick Socuteboss"
Whenever it seems like "Doll" or "Warwolf" has been found out by someone, she acts as backup by making the person think the encounter was just a dream. Since she's usually sleepy late at night, she plays pranks in the dreams of afternoon nappers.
"Ghostrick Doll"
A doll that has been possessed by a spirit, such that it can move. She lives in a young girl's home, where she has been lovingly decorated. She feels awkward about playing pranks on this girl, so she usually stays quiet while inside the house.
"Ghostrick Warwolf"
A peculiar "Ghostrick" who usually lives as an ordinary human, and only plays pranks on the nights he transforms into a werewolf. He's always looking forward to the next full moon.

A Midnight Gathering of All the "Ghostricks"!

All the "Ghostricks" have gathered in the town for a grand night parade! Of course, this means they're in plain sight, but since they're having such a good time, people who see the festivities think they must be something like a rehearsal for a town festival.
"Ghostrick Parade"
In the midst of the pranking going on all over town, "Stein" is carrying a snoozing "Socuteboss", while "Warwolf" is getting a scolding from "Witch" for gnawing on "Skeleton".

The "Ghostrick" Test of Courage!!

A "Ghostrick"-only test of courage at night in the haunted house. The scarers eagerly lie in wait for their chance to scare the challengers.
"Ghostrick Night"
"Specter" and "Lantern" are a team, and are terrified by whatever horrifying faces "Yuki-onna" and "Nekomusume" are making. And in the back, it seems "Skeleton's" been whirled around a bit too much...

File No. 08: The Two Beautiful Potion Masters


"Alchemic Magician" and "Slacker Magician" run a potion shop together. What's their deal now, when they used to be rivals? And what will come of the attempts of "Alchemic Magician" to help her best friend?

The Melancholy of the Popular Potion Masters

There used to be a time when we competed with each other to make new potions... Her mixing sense far surpasses mine, but because of her introverted personality, she just slacks around in her house all day now. My business is as good as ever, but it just feels like something's missing when she's like that... What can I do to bring back to her old energetic self...

"Alchemic Magician"
A spellcaster who cheerfully brews potions in her shop. She's worried about her school-days-rival and best friend, "Slacker Magician".
"Slacker Magician"
The best friend of "Alchemic Magician". Her eccentric ideas and thoughts led to the creation of many new types of potions. Because of her introverted personality, she is currently avoiding people and researching at home.

It's All for My Best Friend's Future!!

I gotta get her outside and fix up that personality of hers... But no matter how many times I invite her, she won't come outside – looks like I'll have to do it by force!!

"Xyz Tribalrivals"
"Alchemic" barged into the home of "Slacker". Seems like "Slacker" finally felt her best friend's worry, as she began accepting individual orders for potions.

Mysterious Medicines

She's changed alright, but it seems like she's gotten even gloomier than before... But her instant-energy potions got really popular, even though the side effect is huge. I wanna say I expected nothing less, but that potion seems really addictive even after only one drink. Is this really alright...?

"Downerd Magician"
As soon as you drink this magical potion, you can feel your body changing right away, so it's very popular with warriors and laborers.

File No. 09: The "Carnivore Forest" Search Log


There exists a forest that, at first glance, seems perfectly normal – but if you look into the data, you'll find a surprising number of missing persons cases that seem to be related to it. As a biologist, I decided to study this forest, and I will record here what I discovered: a group of organisms thought to be the cause for the many disappearances.

Strange Happenings in the Southern Part of the Forest

For several days, I walked, unable to find anything to do with the disappearances' cause, until one day when I caught a glimpse of a strange scene deep in the forest. Somehow, a group of very young girls had made their way into the middle of these woods, and they were beckoning me to come closer. Was this some sort of indigenous tribe? I decided to draw nearer with the hope of speaking with them, but...

"Traptrix Atrax"
A spider-like creature, who appears to act as leader of the group of monsters I would later call "Traptrix". If you come near her, she will bind you up with thread and prevent you from moving.
"Traptrix Myrmeleo"
A "Traptrix" that seems to have evolved into an antlion-like form. She goes around the forest, digging "Trap Holes", and then lies in wait for prey to fall in.
"Traptrix Nepenthes"
A "Traptrix" that seems to have evolved into a pitcher-plant-like form. She lures in prey with a sweet scent. If you carelessly draw close, you'll fall into her digestive juices.
"Traptrix Dionaea"
A new variety of "Traptrix" that appeared later on. It is wise to be careful when one is nearby, as many other "Traptrix" commonly live close to it.

What I Saw Was...

I heard a voice coming from a thicket close by, and went to see if I could get a glimpse of any of the forest's other residents... and what I saw spread out before me was truly repulsive. It was the very girls(?) I had seen earlier – they were the ones responsible for the disappearances of so many people in this forest!!

"Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare"
Here, the carnivorous banquet begins. These are giant, carnivorous organisms who use their innocent looks to trick men who wander into the forest, and then reveal their true motive: to trap and devour their prey. Therefore, I have decided to name these organisms, "Traptrix".

If You Encounter a "Traptrix"

If you happen to catch sight of one of these creatures, leave the area without getting close to it. If you do end up getting close, however, it's no exaggeration to say you won't get a chance to escape.

"Eradicating Aerosol"
As I attempted to flee, I was chased by the spider-type "Traptrix", but because I had this powerful bug spray, I was able to escape without a problem.
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