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Note: This article is an unofficial English translation of the official Japanese Master Guide 3 card storylines. The following information is presented in a format closely mimicking the language and format of how the information was presented in the Master Guide 3. Certain images were named in the book while others were not; do not add/rearrange their names, as we wish to preserve the layout.

File Number 01: Duel Terminal History (Original War)


The Unending Struggle in the "Duel Terminal" World

The history of the battles in the "Duel Terminal" begins with "Synchro Awakening", and unfolds from there. Why are the monsters who live there fighting? What is the fate they follow? What will the conclusion be? Let us talk about the story here.

Invaders Suddenly Appear

On this distant star, each tribe or clan fights to ultimately reign supreme. For the longest time, the war just waged on, with no one group holding the advantage. However, this battle that no one thought would ever end was suddenly brought to an abrupt halt, as the "Worms", invaders from outerspace, suddenly crashed on the planet.

"Worm King"
"Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
To combat the approaching invaders, the "Ice Barrier" freed "Brionac", an ancient dragon that had been sealed. It pushed back the "Worms" with its power.
"Flamvell Uruquizas"
Against the landing "Worm" forces, the stalwart warrior of the "Flamvell" sallies forth. The flames on his arms surge forth, scorching away the invaders.

The Form of an Organization that Extends Beyond the Tribes and Clans

"X-Saber""Mist Valley""Flamvell""Ice Barrier"
To combat the invaders, the tribes and clans were forced to form a truce and unite together. The four tribes that were the most powerful forces on the continent form their own organization, "Ally of Justice". Bringing together each of their technologies and crafts, they began to develop anti-Worm weapons.

Ally of Justice

"Ally of Justice Catastor"
The performance of "Catastor", who was developed early on, was shown to be excellent, causing huge gains against the Worms at every frontline battleground.
"Genex Undine""Genex Controller"
The Autonomous Power Reactors, known as "Genex", began to move at the same time.

"Naturia Forest"

The Invasion of the "Worms" Intensifies

The invasion of the "Worms" intensifies with each passing day, causing the fight to spread across the continent. Not even the forest where the peaceful "Naturia" lived was an exception. Originally they were a tribe who disliked fighting, but they were forced into combat in order to protect their home.

"Naturia Leodrake"
With claws that tear apart and fangs to crush the enemy, he uses them to protect "Naturia Forest" where he and his friends live.
"Ally Mind"
An unknown substance was gathered from the meteorites the "Worms" rode down on from the stars. Because of this, the "Ally of Justice" machines had their processing and brain power increased by leaps and bounds.
"Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher"
Rather than annihilating the "Worms", the engineers shifted their focus to capturing and analyzing them, in an attempt to use the foreign invaders to further strengthen the "Ally of Justice".
"Mist Valley Thunder Lord"
Upset with the premise of "capturing and using the enemy," "Mist Valley" began to grow distant from the others. They began to desire only fighting alongside each other.

The Sealed Gods Reawaken

The cacophony of the wars on the surface cause the "Fabled", who had been sleeping deep within the earth, to reawaken. These gods lended their hand against the invaders, but it was all in the name of fulfilling their own ambitions.

"Fabled Valkyrus"
After having watched battles desolate the ground below, "Valkyrus" descends to the nearby realm of the "Jurracs".
"Jurrac Giganoto"
The invasion of the "Worms" has barely affected the "Jurrac" and the "Fabled". But when the wicked gods suddenly struck, the Jurrac fought back with the flames that covered their bodies.
"Genex Army"
"Genex", which are able to slay the ever-evolving "Worm" invaders, modified their bodies into something more suitable for combat.

The World is Swallowed Up in Chaos

The advent of the "Fabled", along with the "Worms", drove the world to the height of chaos and confusion. Even when they've been defeated time and again, the "Worms" reappear the next day like crashing waves in the midst of a storm. And with the "Fabled" interfering in fights as if to ridicule them, those who fought found themselves increasingly fatigued.

"Fabled Leviathan"
Appearing on the bloody battlefield where the invaders and the current tribes battle, they perform indiscriminate hit-and-run attacks. It seems they enjoy causing chaos on the battlefield.
"Locomotion R-Genex"
The "Genex" reach the end of their self-improvement, taking on the figure of "R-Genex" after obtaining a new power. While they don't have the same output in terms of being power reactors as the "Genex", their combat capabilities have sky rocketed.

The Second Dragon is Released

"Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
With more and more soldiers continuing to be slaughtered, "Ice Barrier" released the second Ice Dragon. Its breath can turn thousands of enemies instantly into ice sculptures, which then shatter.

Reinforcements Appear in Mist Valley

Having cut themselves off from "Ally of Justice", the "Mist Valley" clan had been fighting without help from anyone else, forcing them into a difficult battle against the unending hordes of the invaders, unable to call for aid. However, troops suddenly appeared from a gust of wind. These troops that rushed to help with the crisis of "Mist Valley" were the legendary dragon knights, "Dragunity".

"Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg"
A family who passed down the secrets of using dragons, the "Dragunity" are said to be able to become one in body and in mind with their dragons. Said to dwell in "Dragon Ravine", a place whose existence has practically become a myth, the "Dragunity" are said to appear in the midst of turmoil and unrest.

The Final Battle Against the "Worms"

The invasion of the "Worms" became increasingly strangely sporadic, but the tribes and clans hurried on constructing their ultimate weapon, suspecting a final battle was in order. And then, a gigantic ominous "Worm", that no other up to this point could be compared to, emerged...

"Ally of Justice Quarantine"
Prior to "Zero" appearing, it detected a spatial distortion.
"Worm Call"
From a tear in space, an object with mind-boggling mass appears.
"Worm Zero"
"Zero" is reported to be consuming the other "Worms", growing stronger and stronger. Swallowing everything, it kills from merely moving, and the tribes could no longer hide their despair.
"Ally of Justice Decisive Armor"
The trump card of "Ally of Justice", the quickly-built supreme anti-Worm weapon is sent to the ultimate decisive battle. As the battle swings back and forth, it finally ends in it barely defeating "Zero".

A Force Opposes the Gods

Freed from the threat of the "Worms", the tribes and clans were uproariously joyous. But their joy did not last long. The "Fabled" who had calmly been watching finally made their move, in a scheme of world conquest. On the other side, the "R-Genex" and the "Ally of Justice" negotiated, and agreed to work together.

"The Fabled Unicore"
"The Fabled" appeared almost at the same time as the wicked gods were completely revived. Taking orders from the "Fabled" gods, they use their magic, serving as the vanguard of an invasion.
"R-Genex""Ally of Justice"
"Genex Ally"
New weapons were made to destroy the "Fabled", whose numbers continued to surge ever further all over the planet. These weapons were made combining the power reactors of the "R-Genex" and the technology used to make the "Ally of Justice".
"Jurrac Meteor""Neo Flamvell Origin"
The "Jurracs", the victims of the most intense attacks of the conquest scheme, transformed their bodies into meteors, and completely razed the land where the "Fabled" dwelt. From the ashes, a new fire was born, the "Neo Flamvell".
"Ancient Flamvell Deity"
The wishes of those who lost their bodies by dropping the "Meteor" awoke the God of the Ancient Flames. The tribe of Fire becomes one with the ancient deity, sweeping away the "Fabled" that remained in their realm.

And the World...

Due to the endless struggle, the world had been ravaged. Based on the stituation, the "Ice Barrier" was determined to break the seal of "Trishula", the final Ice Dragon... Without knowing that doing so would lead to the destruction of the entire planet.

"Medium of the Ice Barrier""Mirror of the Ice Barrier"
The voice of the "Medium" was unable to reach the rampaging Ice Dragon, and the "Mirror" was powerless before the furious dragon.
"Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier"
Awakened from its slumber, the oldest and strongest dragon, "Trishula", rages out of the control of the "Ice Barrier". In the end, it froze over the entire planet, causing time to stop on the planet.

File Number 02: Duel Terminal History (New War)


The Storm of Conflict Arises on a New Stage

In "Vylon Descends!!" a new story in the Duel Terminal begins. As four tribes endlessly quarrel with one another, the armies of light and darkness appear before them. As these tribes fight each other for their own reasons, they are inevitably dragged into a battle between light and darkness.

The Light Shines on the Earth and Fire

As the "Laval" continue to attack, the "Gem" tribe decides to finally resist these foes to the bitter end. But amidst their struggle, the "Vylon" descend from the heavens.

(LIGHT) Vylon

"Vylon Sigma""Vylon Epsilon"
Living in the heavens, the "Vylon" are the equivalent of the divine to those who live on this planet. While they are normally watchers following the events on the surface, they finally began to intervene when they could no longer let the increasingly brutal conflicts there go on.
Relationship: Intervention towards "Gem-Knight" and "Laval"

(EARTH) Gem-Knight

"Gem-Knight Ruby"
Knights of the earth itself, clad in the power of gems. They value chivalry above all else, and despise pointless fights, but with the constant onslaught of attacks from the "Laval" diminishing their numbers, they stand up to defend their friends and allies.

(FIRE) Laval

"Laval the Greater"
The "Laval" live in the Laval Zone, where the vast blazing woodlands grow. They are a people obsessed with fighting from birth, who exist for nothing but fighting. As a result, they start conflicts with the "Gem" tribe for the sake of fighting.
Relationship: Marching on towards "Gem-Knight"

(WATER) Gishki

"Evigishki Mind Augus"
Possessing the same power as the "Ice Barrier", they are an impetuous group that use the "Aquamirror" to conduct ancient wicked rituals. Seeking the vast resources of the "Mist Valley" marshes, they have begun invading the land of the "Gusto".
Relationship: Invading the "Gusto"

(WIND) Gusto

"Daigusto Gulldos"
A clan who lives using the wind, living in the fertile swamplands since time immemorial. Due to repeated invasions from foreign foes, they have formed a deep and lasting bond with the creatures who dwell there, and the families of each side have stood arm to arm to protect the land they call home for generations.

(DARK) Steelswarm

"Steelswarm Girastag""Steelswarm Caucastag"
Demons that had been cast and locked away in the abyss when they lost in a battle over the rulership of the world with the "Vylon" in ancient times. When the seal was broken due to the conflicts on the surface, they began to march all over the planet in an attempt to regain their power.
Relationship: Intruding on "Gusto" and "Gishki"

Darkness Enshrouds Water and Wind

The "Gusto" and "Gishki" have fought over and over, countless times. But while the two clashed, the "Steelswarm" appeared before them, who began to ravage and devour everything in their sight.

The Threat of Darkness Covers the Whole Continent

The 4 tribes found themselves invaded and pillaged by the "Steelswarm". Under the wing of the "Vylon", they enter into a temporary truce to fight back.

"Steelswarm Longhorn"
The "Steelswarm", having crawled out of the abyss, requiring energy and power so they could consume the "Vylon" who had once sealed them away, rampage across the planet's surface.
"Vylon Element"
The "Vylon" shared power with the races on the surface, power to fight back against the "Steelswarm".

Those Who Were Given Power

"Gem-Knight Crystal""Vylon Prism"
"Gem-Knight Prismaura"
"Laval Cannon""Vylon Stella"
"Laval Stennon"
"Gishki Noellia""Vylon Tetra"
"Evigishki Tetrogre"
"Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto""Vylon Sphere"
"Daigusto Sphreez"

A Direct Showdown between Light and Darkness!

"Those who lose will be eaten." Against this extreme stituation, the tribes continued to fight fiercely against the "Steelswarm". When it appeared everything above the surface, exhausted from the battle, would be consumed by "Steelswarm Hercules", "Vylon Omega" descended from the heavens.

"Steelswarm Hercules"
Shockwaves, backed by anger, destroy everything around him, as "Steelswarm Hercules" consumes all who cower before him.
"Vylon Omega"
Bathed in the light released by "Vylon Omega", the "Steelswarm" dissipate into tiny particles, becoming dust across the battlefield.

File Number 03: Legendary Six Samurai


The Samurai Declared to be the Strongest in the Land Divided by Civil War

Those who assisted "Shien" in the past each now hold an important post. However, in their younger years, they stood on the battlefield with "Shi En" as the "Legendary Six Samurai", who were the predecessors of the "Six Samurai". These were the talented, powerful elite who stood alone on the battlefields of the wartorn country, amidst civil war.

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En

"Shi En" charged across the battlefield as a central figure in the "Six Samurai", with many severed heads lying in his wake at every battle. The young warrior climbed his way up with his inborn craftiness and cunning wisdom, as it didn't take much time for his name to be carved into this area of civil war.

Full of ambition, those who look upon him wither and shrink before him. It is said that his crimson armor is dyed that color from the blood spurting from every enemy commander he cuts down and the flickers of the fires that rage around him, so it becomes even redder as time goes on.
"Shien's Scheme""Blind Spot Strike"
"Great Shogun Shien""Tenkabito Shien"
The man eventually comes to call himself "Shien" instead of "Shi En". Unlike "Kizan" and "Enishi", he does not age alongside his friends. Is the fact that he remains so young a sign that he is a Demon King?

Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan

One of the warriors of the invincible "Legendary Six Samurai", with his keen eye and elegant swordsmanship, he has rescued "Shi En" from disasters many times. Nowadays he is the "Grandmaster", who guides the current "Six Samurai".

The skill of "Kizan" shows a sense of clarity and skill amidst fierce, brutal fights, and it is rumored that when someone notices they've been slain by him, "their soul is slain alongside them," to the point that the rank and file of enemy armies cower and tremble if they have to fight the "Legendary Six Samurai".
"Gozen Match""Six Strike - Triple Impact"
There is rivalry for merit even within the "Legendary Six Samurai", as "Kizan" constantly spars with his friendly rival, "Enishi". "Kizan", showing off his power before "Shien", becomes the "Grandmaster of the Six Samurai".

Kizan in the Present

"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai"

Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi

"Enishi", who is mocked for his recklessness, is known as "The Daredevil". Since he knew "Shi En" when they were part of the "Legendary Six Samurai", he is not intimidated by him, so by offering his opinions and viewpoint, he ended becoming the "Chancellor" who supports "Shien".

Enishi in the Present

"Enishi, Shien's Chancellor"

Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki

With mechanical arms installed in the back for support, "Kageki" was feared as the "Four-Armed Oni-Gami". But when he lost both arms in the midst of battle, he had two artifical arms installed, and was given the job to protect "Great Shogun Shien" as a chamberlain after leaving the frontlines.

Kageki in the Present

"Chamberlain of the Six Samurai"

Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai

The Samurai who was most trusted by "Shi En" as a heroic warrior who could escape from the jaws of death, no matter what. However, after sadly dying in the later years of the great war, his soul ended up dwelling inside the armor he died in, and now protects the current generation of the "Six Samurai".

Shinai in the Present

"Spirit of the Six Samurai"

Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho

The lone woman of the "Legendary Six Samurai" who was joined to "Shinai" as husband and wife. After "Shinai" died, she joined a religious order, but her skills have not changed since the days she was on active duty, as even now she serves as the "Hand" of "Shien" made flesh, striking down those who would harm him.

Mizuho in the Present

"Hand of the Six Samurai"

Those Who Serve Shi En

Skilled and abled followers who serve "Shien", who in turn discovered their skills. Even if they were but a mere soldier, he would appoint those with true talent to a post more befitting their talents, and as such, a great number of people desire to serve as both samurai and bureaucrat under "Shien". Simply because of this ease of judging one's character, "Shien" was able to march down the otherwise inaccessible road that lead to him seizing the whole nation.

"Shien's Squire"
A rank and file soldier who is treated as a pawn on the battlefield, they sincerely have great faith in master "Shien".
"Kagemusha of the Six Samurai"
As the Kagemusha of the "Six Samurai", it is said he can copy them entirely, down to their voice and mannerisms.
"Shien's Advisor"
An advisor who supports the "Legendary Six Samurai" from the shadows. He takes terrain and the difference in military power into account as he calmly analyzes the situation.
"Elder of the Six Samurai"
"Shien's Advisor" after he retired. While he's retired from serving on the front line, he enjoys watching his pupil, "Enishi", work.

File Number 04: Lightsworn


The Army of Light that Enforces Justice

The swords they carry, the armor they wear, the clothes they're wrapped in, all dazzle and glitter like platinum. They are the "Lightsworn", who look and fight like heroes. Where do they come from? What do they fight for? The secret is revealed here.

The Messengers of Heaven Who Pick Through the Ravages of War

The "Lightsworn" are a group who enforce justice. They are called from beyond space and time when people desire peace, and maidens cry pure, genuine tears. Once there, they seal and destroy the wicked, leaving not a trace behind.

"Realm of Light"
The "Lightsworn" live in "Realm of Light", a world full of light. The laws of this world are completely separate from the rest of space and time, and there they continue to train, awaiting the day they have to dole out justice.
"Charge of the Light Brigade"
"Lightsworn" show up, cutting through the walls of space-time. However, they require immense amounts of magic to stay in other worlds while maintaining their minds and bodies.
"Glorious Illusion"
If they fall in the real world, they return to "Realm of Light". However they have immortal souls, so they can continue to dispense justice with another temporary body.

At the Front Line: The Advance Guard

"Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter""Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior""Wulf, Lightsworn Beast"
The Advance Guard warriors of the "Lightsworn" are the ones who sally forth into the real world. Their main mission is understanding the nature of the enemy, but each is a highly trained warrior, so oftentimes only they are needed to deal with the situation.

The Backline Troops: The Magicians and Spellcasters

"Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner""Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress""Lightsworn Barrier""Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid""Jenis, Lightsworn Mender"
If a situation is determined to be too difficult for the advance guard, then those who excel in magic are sent in. While the warriors fight in the front, they fight from the back using spells to attack and neutralize the potency of opponents' spells.

The Air Force

"Shire, Lightsworn Spirit""Celestia, Lightsworn Angel""Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon"
The enemy is confronted by creatures like dragons and such, as the battle is dragged into the sky. With support and attacks from the sky, the entire battlefield will be seized.

Black Ops Division

"Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue"
A military unit dedicated to sneaking behind enemy lines for the purposes of causing chaos and collecting information. At times, they'll snatch treasures that are thought to be the work of magic.

The Greatest Power of the Lightsworn

"Judgment Dragon"
The greatest weapon of the "Lightsworn" who judges criminals of crimes both large and small, with equal disdain. With incredible power that mows down everything in its path, "Judgment Dragon" is capable of crushing an entire nation by itself.

File Number 05: Koa'ki Meiru


Project C ~Koa'ki Meiru Researchers~

Nestled on the outskirts of Darkworld (Makai), there is an abandoned laboratory. There, notes were discovered that detailed the findings about the structure known as the "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru". Here, all that was written down on the research that remains readable will be exposed to the public...

Darkworld (Makai) History: Superbia 9th, XXXX

"Koa'ki Meiru Powerhand""Koa'ki Meiru Sandman"
We're finally ready, and for our first step, we've decided to amuse ourselves by implanting it into a pile of scraps and a doll made of sand. The experiment was a success, and next we shall use it on living things with a will of their own.
"Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru"
Unable to make artificial beasts on our own, we used this core to create them by using it on living creatures. Its composition is... (Unintelligible)

Darkworld (Makai) History: Avaritia 17th, XXXX

"Koa'ki Meiru Sea Panther"
After capturing the creature that was wandering outside the lab, we experimented on it, by implanting the core inside it. While there was some resistance, we were able to control it with no discernable problems.
"Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak"
After implanting the core, tests show an increase in the subject's muscular strength and cardio-pulmonary functions. Oh, with these enhancements, he might be quite useful as a sentry.

Darkworld (Makai) History: Invidia 49th XXXX

"Koa'ki Meiru Doom"
We took a little outing with the sentry protecting us. We encountered a demon, but fortunately we were able to capture it due to said sentry. We plan to immediately transplant the "Iron Core" at the lab today.
"Koa'ki Meiru Valafar"
We captured the red demon, and deemed it sufficient enough to implant the No. 3 "Iron Core" into. But it should be noted, the specimen exhibits considerable resistance.
"Core Reinforcement"
While the implant into the red demon was successful, the event seems to have caused the "Iron Core" to deteriorate. The demon was cryogenically frozen, while the core had to undergo reinforcement procedures.

Darkworld (Makai) History: Luxuria 14th, XXXX

"Automatic Laser"
One of my co-workers says he's designed weapons that use the "Iron Core". Since he's already drawn up the blueprints, I decided to help 'im to pass the time.
"Nega-Ton Corepanel"
Regardless of a creature's wits or power, if they are caught in the light flowing from this device, they will be completely neutralized... However, you need to target the enemy just as they start moving.
"Core Blaster"
We finally completed a piece of equipment that can only be used by the "Koa'ki Meiru". But, I'm in danger if I did a bad job. I have to make sure the "Koa'ki Meiru" don't go out of control...

Darkworld (Makai) History: Gula 4th, XXXX

"Core Transport Unit""Urgent Synthesis"
I'm lucky. For a dragon to appear here and now! Well, now that this device to transport the core is complete, I head out with the sentry and the pile of scraps to capture a test subject.
"Koa'ki Meiru Drago"
Our, well, my "Iron Core" took control of the dragon. There is an uncontrollable swelling in its torso. I have finally earned the right to control all living things, hehehe!

Darkworld (Makai) History: Acedia 13th, XXXX

"Koa'ki Meiru Initialize!""Core Compression""Koa'ki Meiru Maximus"
A few days ago, I found a strange creature lying in front of the facility, possibly struck down by the "Nega-Ton Corepanel". Structurally, it appears to be rather close to a dragon...

Darkworld (Makai) History: Ira 666th, XXXX

"Koa'ki Meiru Guardian""Core Blast""Iron Core Luster"
The sixth transplant experiment. Again it went out of control. Today, the rock man was destroyed. Wait, who's that? My "Iron Core" couldn't possibly... could it...?

File Number 06: Skull Servant


Everybody Loves Mr. "Skull Servant"!

Appearing in the early days of the "Official Card Game" was a fellow in a charming outfit, but meager ATK and DEF, which earned him many strange fans: Mr. "Skull Servant". Here, we'll go into detail about Mr. "Skull Servant"! Let's find out what bizarre charm Mr. "Skull Servant" holds for so many!

Mr. "Skull Servant" writes "Thank you, my growing number of friends!"

First of all, welcome all friends of Mr. "Skull Servant", who have all popped up rather recently! Because each of you are here reading this, friends of Mr. "Skull Servant", it's quite impressive to think he was born from the cheers and encouragement of so many fans, no?

Discovery from the Graveyard! A Look-A-Like of Mr. "Skull Servant"!

"Skull Servant""The Wandering Doomed"
The look-alike wearing green clothes is Mr. "Wandering Doomed". The two of them being peas in a pod has become a topic of discussion in the "Wight" community.
"King of the Skull Servants"
This figure, when surrounded by other "Wights", gives off the air and personality of a king. Mr. "Skull Servant" in question seems to be saying "That's what I'll be one of these days... No?" as he gives a glance.
"The Lady in Wight"
A superstar in the "Wight" community. It is said she is "quite displeased" with being confused with "Skull Servant" while sleeping in the grave.
An anticipated newcomer to the "Wight" community. He seems to quite enjoy drinking tea, but he seems to always look so sad because it leaks out right after drinking it.

Let's Look for Mr. "Skull Servant" Hidden in These Cards

Mr. "Skull Servant" actually shows up in a lot of places. Can you fans of Mr. "Skull Servant" quickly find him in these pictures?

"Spirit Caller"
(Degree of Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆)
This is an easy one. It's pretty obvious where Mr. "Skull Servant" is. By the way, the words Mr. "Skull Servant" said here were: "Sorry, I'm filling up the joint."
"Pride of the Weak"
(Degree of Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆)
This is also easy. Though for some reason, the strange expression seems quite contrary to the normal countenance of Mr. "Skull Servant", so one might be inclined to think, "Maybe this isn't Mr. 'Skull Servant'?" However, one can be sure once they double check the picture.
"Chthonian Blast"
(Degree of Difficulty: ★★★☆☆)
Who exploded; are they alright? It's a troubling shot. If one pays attention, they should be able to tell that the one who exploded was Mr. "Skull Servant". Incidentally, if Mr. "Skull Servant" is destroyed by this effect, the damage is 150.
"Dark Eruption"
(Degree of Difficulty: ★★★★☆)
At first glance, one thinks, "Is Mr. 'Skull Servant' on this card?" If you would, look at the illustration and think a bit. Sent flying across the moon in the upper-left corner is our favorite guy. Mr. "Skull Servant", however, wishes he wasn't recovered by this effect...
"Zombie Master"
(Degree of Difficulty: ★★★★★)
"Zombie Master" is a key component in any Zombie-Type Deck. If one's eyes were drawn to what is being Special Summoned, one would be sure to say, "That's not Mr. 'Skull Servant'." Well of course not. Look to the bottom left. He has an adorable, if anxious look that seems to ask, "Will I be next?"

Let's Give Mr. "Skull Servant" Our Best Regards!

Do you grasp the appeal of the very loved and adored Mr. "Skull Servant"? If encouragement continues, then even more cards that'll make Mr. "Skull Servant" even stronger won't be just a dream, and will come to life! Everyone, let's support him!

There are expectations of even more cards like Mr. "Skull Servant" in the future. From here on out, Mr. "Skull Servant" is going to become pretty SUPER COOL!


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