Note: This article is an unofficial English translation of the official Japanese Master Guide 2 card storylines. The following information is presented in a format closely mimicking the language and format of how the information was presented in Master Guide 2.

File No. 01: The Destiny of Dai Grepher


"Dai Grepher", who can control the power of dragons. The dragons not only responded to the brave way he and his men fought, but the way he believed in his friends and himself. However at one time, he was swallowed up by the powers of darkness. His ultimate fate is...

The warrior who controls dragons

Ever since he was young, the sword was completely a part of him. Even though he was of common birth, he walked forth with confidence in his swordsmanship!

"Warrior Dai Grepher"

A female warrior is his arch-nemesis?

"Simultaneous Loss"
Because they met on the battlefield, they are enemies. He refused to go easy on her just because she was a woman. But his sword was sent flying due to an unexpected force, and they were forced to postpone their fight.
"Dimension Wall"
He once again encountered the female soldier he failed to defeat in the past. The time is now! Although he got fired up, he ended up being flung into a different unknown dimension, due to a dimensional distortion.

Solidarity with his comrades

On the battlefield, the difference between winning and losing is working with your friends, comrades and allies. The warriors fight on the front lines, relying on the Spellcasters to cover them from the rear.

"Array of Revealing Light"
The enemy Spellcasters cast a Summoning curse! Monsters nearly got him, but he was saved from this desperate situation by his Spellcaster allies.
"Dimensional Inversion"
When he was sent to a different dimension by the female soldier, his Spellcaster friends created magic that could open the door to a different dimension...
As long as he has friends, he's invincible!

The Paths of Destiny

Dragon Warrior←→Demon Overlord

The light and darkness dwelling in the hero's heart

His troops, who had marched forth with him from enemy to enemy, were annihilated. He managed to find refuge in the forest without much trouble, but he stumbled into strange, confusing woods, and ended up at "The Paths of Destiny".

"The Paths of Destiny"

Rise of the dragon warrior

By choosing the right way, he meets "Spirit Ryu". With the power of "Spirit Ryu", he becomes "Ryu Senshi" and returns to where his friends are!

"Ryu Senshi"

Taken over by the sword he stole...

If Grepher continued to be lost in the forest, he ends up being attacked by a diabolic Fiend. He manages to slay the fiend, but his sword breaks in the process. For lack of a better choice, he grabs the giant sword the demon has with it.

"Morale Boost"
"Falling Down""Sakuretsu Armor"
The result of corruption is...
"Dark Lucius LV4""Dark Lucius LV6"
"Dark Lucius LV8"
The large sword Grepher took with him was in fact the Fiend's real body. The Fiend took over his brawny body. He tried to resist, and while he refused to give up his body, his heart fell into darkness...
(He completely changed...)

File No. 02: The Research of a Workaholic Fiend's Soul!?


In the Underworld known as "Darkworld", "Kozaky" was famous for being the top authority on linguistics. But because he overworked himself, he went insane. He has since immersed himself in studies far different from linguistics. However, the Darkworld Academy of Science refuses to acknowledge his research...

Though he's not very strong, he fights with his head!

This is a photo of "Kozaky" from around the time he snapped. Since his expulsion from the Linguistics Society due to going bonkers, he has been attacked by other monsters, but manages to survive using his smarts.


He and his research colleague continue to make cutting-edge breakthroughs

"Kozaky" showed his natural talent in the Darkworld Linguistic Society. He joined up with "Magical Scientist", who had a brain equal to his own, and together the two are continuing to develop new things!

"Magical Scientist"

He researched for several years, day and night, without rest!

He left, saying, "I've already lost my mind," and dedicated himself to constantly researching, day in and day out, without rest. While trying to come up with his own original theory, he currently studies on how to make monsters stronger.

"Fruits of Kozaky's Studies"

Darkworld research tools

"Fatal Abacus"
A high-performance computer-calculator that exists in Darkworld. As long as you remember the equations, it can perform every calculation imaginable!
"Spell Economics"
It contains an infinite number of pages, and the pen moves on its own according to the thoughts of its owner. It's an essential research tool!

The fruits of his research: His own personal robot!

He built the robot "Giant Kozaky" through all of his hard research. However, its incredible strength baffles the human mind, and has led to it being compared to, and even confused with an Archfiend! Its serial ID number is 539.

"Giant Kozaky"

He then started a study on monster reconstruction

"Double Attack"
"Marauding Captain" provided the pieces of "Inpachi" as the materials for the monster reconstruction.
(He received an offer for research materials...)
"Woodborg Inpachi"
The body of "Inpachi" has been rebuilt and strengthened. With so many mechanical parts, it's sure to become a giant weapon!
(Rebuild and revive!!)

A request for physical enhancement

Seeing the successful development of "Inpachi", "Gagagigo" requested physical enhancement, explaining that he wanted more power so he could better serve his master. "Kozaky", seeing no reason to refuse when he could get more data out of it, began a dangerous series of experiments to enhance "Gagagigo"...

"Level Conversion Lab"
"Giga Gagagigo"
(The experiment was successful?)

His experimental body goes on a rampage!!

It seemed like the experiment was successful. "Gagagigo" was definitely enhanced. However, he lost his true sense of self as a result, and went on a rampage. In fact, "Magical Scientist" predicted the experiment would have a 0% chance of success, but "Kozaky" refused to listen.

"Success Probability 0%"
"Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button"
He realized his mistake and pressed the self-destruct button, but it malfunctioned instead.
"Compulsory Evacuation Device"
His laboratory exploded. Kozaky's current whereabouts are unknown...

File No. 03: The Four Girls of the Duel World


In the world of the OCG, even cute girls have a major role. Let's introduce these sweet, gentle girls who fight by borrowing the power of strong monsters in the Duel World! And they only get more beautiful as they grow up...!

The girls who charm various monsters

"Aussa the Earth Charmer"
"Aussa" uses Spiritual Arts of the EARTH Attribute. Accompanied by "Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness", who is of the same Attribute, she fights while heeding the voice of the earth!
"Hiita the Fire Charmer"
"Hiita" is accompanied by the FIRE-Attribute "Fox Fire". Despite the fact that FIRE-Attribute monsters have bad tempers, she's able to easily tame them!
"Eria the Water Charmer"
"Eria" is a Charmer who controls the WATER Attribute. By her side is "Gigobyte", who has just begun his journey into manhood.
"Wynn the Wind Charmer"
"Wynn" manipulates the power of the WIND Attribute, and is followed by her partner "Petit Dragon". With both her powers and her partner, she plays major roles!

Possessed by their familiars, these girls show their true power!!

When it comes time to battle, the monsters that follow these girls suddenly transform! They turn into ferocious creatures and possess their Charmers. While possessed, these girls are able to use powerful Spiritual Arts of their respective Attributes! They defeat their enemies by releasing the power hidden inside their monster friends!

"Familiar-Possessed - Aussa"
"Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane"
"Familiar-Possessed - Eria"
"Spiritual Water Art - Aoi"

"Familiar-Possessed - Hiita"
"Familiar-Possessed - Wynn"
"Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai"
"Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi"

Their adulthood

"Avalanching Aussa"
"Aussa" as an adult. Her staff became as big as her, as she became the guardian of the earth.
"Raging Eria"
It seems the hair of "Eria" now comes down to her heels. She calls forth monsters of the WATER Attribute!
"Blazing Hiita"
"Hiita" is now able to freely control the blazing flames of hell. She never forgives any enemy who invades their territory!
"Storming Wynn"
"Wynn" has continued to master her control over the wind, and is now able to whip up tornadoes.

File No. 04: The Warriors of Dark World Protect the People


They look scary, but they're really friendly. You shouldn't judge a monster by its appearance! The monsters here are the warriors of "Dark World". Let's go meet them using the "Gateway to Dark World"!

The journey to Dark World

"Gateway to Dark World"

The gatekeeper greets you

When you first enter "Dark World", you'll always come across Mr. "Renge". Naturally, he gets rid of any suspicious humans and monsters with his big orange hands!

"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World"

Be sure to be on your guard while you're here!

"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World"
It's the job of "Broww" to keep an eye on anyone who enters Dark World by any way other than the official entrance. His bow-pulling arm is *huge*!
"Scarr, Scout of Dark World"
A scout of Dark World who moves quickly using not only his legs, but both of his long arms. He sneaks around sectors, dealing with social unrest.
A combined attack from this rough-and-tumble tag team!!
"The Forces of Darkness"
After calling out to a suspicious monster, it was discovered that they were a spy! When things like this happen, Scarr and Broww are usually the first at the scene!

Dark World's elite

"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World"
"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World""Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World""Gren, Tactician of Dark World"
These four are the elite of Dark World's military specialists, led by "Sillva". "Gren" comes up with the plans, while "Sillva" issues orders based on them. "Kahkki" handles black ops, and "Beiige" leads the normal troops to handle whatever comes their way. Together, they'll protect the peace of Dark World!

The guys in charge of the government

"Brron, Mad King of Dark World"
"Zure, Knight of Dark World"
"Zure" is a knight who serves "Brron". He handles all the politics of governing that are beyond the influence of "Brron"!
"Dark Deal"
Being a knight means you have to accept dealing with both the good and the bad. Sometimes, he has to turn a blind eye to things, as he makes a "Dark Deal"...

The two head honchos of Dark World

"Goldd" and "Reign-Beaux" are the two who stand higher than the king. "Goldd" is called the "Embodiment of the Dazzling Arts of War," while "Reign-Beaux" is considered the embodiment of the typical (yet lucrative) wheeling-and-dealing that keeps government rolling!!

"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World"
"Dark World Lightning"
(Overwhelming destructive power!)
"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World"
"Dark World Dealings"
(The Overlord is quite good at deals)

File No. 05: The True Samurai Who Ride Across the Battlefield


In an age of chaotic wars, in order to bring peace to the people, "Shien" stands up to the task! And now, the story of the mighty samurai called the "Six Samurai" and the vassals who serve "Shien" begins!

Assuming the title of "Ruling Everything Under Heaven"!!

He has sharp eyes which freeze men's blood, lording over all that he sees. People realize he's in charge just by being in his presence. Only someone with an overwhelming presence like him can become the Shogun!

"Great Shogun Shien"
"Tenkabito Shien"
"Great Shogun Shien" with his armor off. Even without his armor, he remains incredibly strong. With his western-style clothing, and his family crest on his forehead, he looks incredibly intimidating!!

Aides of Shien

"Shien" always employs his close aides and associates that he relies upon as his envoys. With information from all those serving under him, and thanks to the men he uses as his hands and feet, he's won one victory after another!

"Shien's Footsoldier""Shien's Spy""Enishi, Shien's Chancellor"

The stronghold of Shien!

"Shien's Castle of Mist"
This is the castle where "Shien" lives. Tactically, it is easily protected, so even the fiercest attack from the most stalwart enemy can be deflected!

The military commanders who assemble before Shien

Besides the ones we just mentioned, there are those who work and fight directly by the side of "Shien": the "Six Samurai". Each has their own weapon and leads their own group of troops. Steadfast in their sense of honor and justice, and bursting with emotion, they are the Samurai who have sworn an eternal oath of loyalty to their liege, "Shien"!

"The Six Samurai - Irou""The Six Samurai - Kamon""The Six Samurai - Nisashi"
"The Six Samurai - Yariza""The Six Samurai - Yaichi""The Six Samurai - Zanji"

The supervisor of the Six Samurai!

"Grandmaster of the Six Samurai"
"Cunning of the Six Samurai"
He's been by the side of "Shien" ever since his liege was a boy, but after "Shien" became a man, he was put in a position to lead the "Six Samurai"!

The greatest comrade-in-arms rides across the battlefield

"Legendary Ebon Steed"
This steed is given to those "Shien" recognizes. It is the greatest comrade-in-arms that cannot be intimidated, no matter who tries!!

Attacking together while working in harmony

Likewise, everyone is attempting to unify everything under heaven in the name of "Shien", together. The magnificence of their cooperation is breathtaking to behold. When they join forces, there is no enemy in this world that can beat them!

"Swift Samurai Storm!""Backs to the Wall""Breakthrough!"

Unwavering solidarity for their lord!

"Six Samurai United"
They are all allies gathered together for the same purpose! The path to uniting the entire world is a long and arduous one, but they believe that they can do it!!
(Comrades who have each other's backs)

File No. 06: The Indomitable Gladiators Who Believe in the Strength of Their Own Bodies


Believing in themselves from the confines of a narrow, circular cage, the "Gladiator Beasts" are those who fight with their lives on the line! Several thousand years ago, they fought in the "Colosseum", but eventually their bodies and souls were sealed. Why have they suddenly revived in this day and age?

Fighting inside the cage day after day

"Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts"
The round, dome-shaped "Colosseum" made of stone. This formerly famous building has been worn down through the millennia, reducing it to a shadow of its former self.

The "Gladiator Beasts" awaken, crossing the gulf of time

"Gladiator Beast's Respite"
Long ago, the nobles who enjoyed the fights of the "Gladiator Beasts" were stunned when the "Gladiator Beasts" were all suddenly sealed away. And they continued to sleep for several millennia...
"Gladiator's Return"
The souls of the "Gladiator Beasts" finally revived after what seemed to be an eternity. There are many mysteries as to why their seal broke.

They use a variety of weapons!

"Gladiator Beast's Battle Gladius"
Before they were sealed, this sword was used by many. Both reasonably light to hold in one hand, and pointedly sharp, it is favored by many.
"Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield"
The only shield that could be brought into the "Colosseum". It can protect its user from any attack once, but then it breaks and can't be used anymore!
"Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica"
The manica is worn on the arm when you expect to fight while riding a large vehicle. It's a piece of battle gear primarily used for defensive reasons, but unlike a shield, it can be used to parry the enemy's attack!
"Gladiator Beast's Battle Halberd"
Unlike the other weapons, this axe is long-reaching. Although it can attack opponents from a distance, it's harder to handle because it's heavier than most other weapons!

The Gladiators freed from their cage

Crossing time itself, these gladiators have been freed from the "Colosseum". Though they once fought in the cage as enemies, when they were released collectively, the "Gladiator Beasts" pledged to work together as a team. By sharing the same circumstances, they have come together, backed by a strong sense of solidarity!

"Gladiator Beast Hoplomus""Gladiator Beast Andal""Gladiator Beast Spartacus""Gladiator Beast Secutor"
"Gladiator Beast Alexander""Gladiator Beast Laquari""Gladiator Beast Dimacari""Gladiator Beast Murmillo"
"Gladiator Beast Bestiari""Gladiator Beast Darius"

By combining their power, they can create a new form

"Gladiator Beast Heraklinos"
When they fight together, the "Gladiator Beasts" can fuse with one another without using magic.
"Gladiator Beast Gaiodiaz"
The form of "Spartacus" after fusing with other "Gladiator Beasts". He wins fights with his overwhelming power!

The "Gladiator Beasts" fight even now...

Despite having crossed several millennia into the future, the "Gladiator Beasts" have not forgotten how to fight with pride. Released from their cage, they continue to fight to this day, seeking new opponents!

This technique works by moving quickly and snatching the opponent's weapons! It's followed up by swinging a brutal blow at the now-unarmed foe!
The sharp claws of the "Gladiator Beasts" can be used as a shield to protect their bodies from a powerful enemy attack! They can then seize the chance to counterattack!!
"Gladiator Proving Ground"

File No. 07: The Crystals That Shine for Eternity


Since ancient times, it's known in the Duel World that special powers dwell within crystals. Let's introduce you to the embodiments of the powers inside these crystals – their alter egos – the sublime, sparkling "Crystal Beasts"!

The beasts sealed inside the crystals

These beasts embody seven different colored crystals, each of which has its own special ability. And when the "Crystal Beasts" run out of energy and collapse, their bodies revert to the crystals they were before. "Crystal Beasts" will continue to protect their friends forever!

"Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle"
A "Carbuncle" sealed inside a glowing red ruby. It has a supportive ability to bring back its fellow "Crystal Beasts" who have been reverted to their crystal forms.
"Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus"
A mythical creature called "Pegasus" with beautiful wings sealed inside a gorgeous blue "sapphire." He has hidden infinite potential to call forth new Crystals.
"Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger"
A "Tiger" hidden within a yellow topaz gem who is the strongest fighter among the "Crystal Beasts". When he attacks the enemy, he reveals his true power!

"Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise"
An "Emerald Tortoise" that sparkles green, he excels at protecting himself. His shell is very thick, and he is quite skilled at berating other monsters for attacking.
"Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth"
An "Amber Mammoth" who sparkles the color of amber. When they're on the defensive, he's able to protect his fellow "Crystal Beasts" from an attack using his huge body.
"Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat"
"Amethyst Cat", the cat who sparkles purple. Its fighting strength is low, but it's able to inflict damage by tricking the enemy with its rapid movements and flexible body.
"Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle"
A "Cobalt Eagle" that sparkles indigo, he monitors the enemy from the sky. His wings raise a wind that frees his friends from their crystal forms, breathing new power into them!

Friends tied together by the bonds of their souls

The "Crystal Beasts" are as thick as thieves, and will never leave a friend behind. They always think of their friends, and will continue to fight against an enemy even if they know they can't win!

"Crystal Pair"
"Crystal Blessing"
"Crystal Beasts" never betray one another. If their principles call for it, they'll show their power even from the Graveyard!
"Crystal Tree"
A legendary tree that bears precious crystals as fruit. When a "Crystal Beast" uses up all of its strength, a new "Crystal Beast" is born from this tree's fruit.

They fall protecting their friends

Just because a "Crystal Beast" becomes a crystal, doesn't mean it can't do anything. It can use the last of its power to call forth a new crystal, or inflict damage to the enemy!

"Crystal Raigeki"
The crystal uses up the last of its energy to slay an enemy monster, all the while believing that its friends, with whom it fought side-by-side, will be able to win...!!
"Crystal Promise"
An exhausted "Crystal Beast" falls into a state of slumber and turns into a crystal. However, if it hears its master's voice, it will respond!!
"Gem Flash Energy"

Revive, ancient Ultimate Crystal Deity!

When the powers of the seven colored crystals become one, the ancient Crystal Deity revives! Its name is "Rainbow Dragon"!! Its body huge and long, sparkling with the seven colors of the rainbow that give it a divine presence, it hides incredible attack power that surpasses even the legendary gods. When the power of the rainbow is unleashed, the world changes!

"Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins"
These ancient ruins are where the powers of the rainbow were sealed away. As more and more "Crystal Beasts" turn to crystal, this land provides even greater power!
"Rainbow Dragon"
(The Supreme Being!!)

File No. 08: The Invaders from Outer Space


The world of Duel World extends even into outer space. Aliens searching for inhabitable planets throughout the cosmos have set their eyes on Duel World itself, and are trying to invade and take it over.

Spawner of the Aliens

"Alien Mother" is, as its name implies, the mother of the entire Alien race. This is because her cells are found inside all other Aliens!

"Alien Mother"

The Alien base

When they invade planets, they use "Flying Saucer Muusik'i". "Muusik'i" circles in a stationary satellite orbit around the planet to be invaded, and sends landing parties to take control of areas that have aerial superiority, if any exist.

"Flying Saucer Muusik'i"

The Alien invasion ground troops

Among the Aliens' landing party are those who specialize in combat. They take control of the planet's surface using their various abilities and incredible fighting power. The entire world trembles in fear at their incredibly swift progress!

"Alien Hunter""Alien Hypno""Alien Shocktrooper""Alien Infiltrator"
"Alien Warrior""Alien Skull""Alien Grey""Alien Psychic"

Research into biological weapons

The Aliens' technology is biotech-based. They primarily use things called "A" Cells, parasitic organisms capable of taking over one's mind and body.

""A" Cell Breeding Device"
""A" Cell Incubator"
An incubator designed to culture "A" Cells for use as weapons. A stable supply of cells is indispensable!
""A" Cell Scatter Burst"
A bomb-based capsule device containing a large number of "A" Cells. After exploding, the cells disperse in a fog-like cloud.

Uses for the "A" Cells

With each passing day, more and more technology that uses "A" Cells is being developed. These "A" Cells can now be used to create spatial warps, brainwash targets, and even be used as high-grade explosives!!

"Interdimensional Warp"
Anything in the area surrounding the coordinates of an "A" Cell is warped through space with pinpoint accuracy. What terrifying technology!
"Brainwashing Beam"
"Detonator Circle "A""
An enemy infested with "A" Cells is blown up, killing them. These tactics are used to sow unease among enemy monsters.

Development of the ultimate monster

Somehow, the Aliens secretly created the magnum opus of their "A" Cell research, by breeding the ultimate monster for battle! It's said that they're planning to take control over various worlds using the power of their "Cosmic Horror", which is the strongest creature ever created. Will they soon come to the Duel World...?

"Otherworld - The "A" Zone"
"Gangi'el" is bred in an Otherworld which is not considered part of the Duel World. Eventually "Muusik'i" picks up the "Gangi'el" so it can "greet" everyone!!
"Cosmic Horror Gangi'el"
(The worst Cosmic Horror!!)

File No. 09: The Adventure Continues? The Melancholy of the Goblin Attack Force


They've appeared in a ton of OCG illustrations, but today we'll tell you about the trials and tribulations of the "Goblin Attack Force", who have a ton of fans in the Dueling community. Will they manage to charge today too!?

They're really strong... They must be!!

The force made up of goblin thugs...they're the "Goblin Attack Force". While their morale and training is second to none, their attack strength isn't perfect. But, their weapons are metal rods... perhaps they don't like them?

"Goblin Attack Force"
"Prepare to Strike Back"
The troops, sleeping at the campgrounds, are suddenly attacked. Hey guards, were you sleeping on the job!?
"Assault on GHQ"
The one that attacked them was "Marauding Captain". The squad still isn't together, so they can't win if they're all scattered.
Marauding right into the heart of GHQ...

Sometimes they're in the spotlight...

The "Goblin Attack Force" never give up the fight, no matter how bad their luck is! But, things rarely end well for them. And on top of everything, the "A" Cells they were infected with caused them to be hypnotized....

"Medusa Worm"
(Turned to stone...)
"Gemini Trap Hole"
(Fell into a hole...)
"Mass Hypnosis"
"Cell Explosion Virus"
After the Goblins were left in a hypnotized state by the "A" Cells, said cells exploded after being used... In the end, they were completely wiped out, with most of their men severely wounded...
(In the end, they're blown up!?)

File No. 10: A Magical Pot with Many Uses


The most famous of pots that exists in the Duel World is the "Pot of Greed". In fact, this pot has a ton of uses. Even though it doesn't strike a good tone, it's a really good thing!

This mysterious pot often explodes

It's said that if you put your hand into the pot, you can take out "something" that will bring you happiness. However, the Pot explodes right after you take your hand out of it, making it a terribly dangerous object.

"Pot of Greed"
"Avatar of The Pot"
It's difficult to describe this, but the Pot suddenly transformed into that guy... Anyways, it... seems to be... the adult form of the "Pot of Greed"...?
"Spirit of the Pot of Greed"
A spirit that sometimes dwells in the "Pot of Greed". When this fairy is inside, you become even happier. It was once an angel.

Ideal for gifts, rituals, and cleaning!

Now we'll introduce the various ways the "Pot of Greed" can be used. It's so convenient that if you see this item in a mail-order catalogue, you should buy it immediately!

"Dark Spirit Art - Greed"
A ritual that uses the "Pot of Greed". Even if it's broken, it still demonstrates its ability!
"The Gift of Greed"
Those who desire happiness will be delighted to receive this gift. Though some might end up dying from shock...
"Counter Cleaner"
The "Pot of Greed" sucks up all the counters on the field with its nose. Where do the inhaled counters go...!?

File No. 11: Two Adorable Princesses


In one of the countless Duel Worlds, there exists a "Land of Magic". The king of this kingdom has two lovely adorable twin girls as his children.

Princess training

According to ancient tradition, "Of the children born of the king, one must train themselves, alone," doing nothing but training themselves in magic, day-in and day-out. Her expressions show an awareness that she'll one day become her country's princess.

"White Magician Pikeru"
"Pikeru's Second Sight"
The most basic form of magic that members of the Royal Family learn is "Second Sight". It allows you to read the thoughts of your enemy, but it's difficult to use since you can sense their idle thoughts.
"Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment"
By chanting spells, she causes a circle of enchantments to unfold! The light dances wildly around, responding to the magical chants that Pikeru spun, causing the very air around her to shake!!

To become a splendid princess!!

One day, while practicing her magic, Pikeru was told, "The time has come," and was reunited with her older twin sister. This was the first time she had met a girl of the same age. And thus the two had to cooperate and perform the "Trial of the Princesses".

"Ebon Magician Curran""A Rival Appears!""Trial of the Princesses"

The two girls splendidly smash their way through the trial!!

"Princess Pikeru"
"Pikeru", after having splendidly passed the trial. After defeating a powerful enemy and growing up, her ability to heal her allies has also grown in strength. She is now something akin to a celebrity or idol in the Land of Magic.
"Princess Curran"
She managed to clear the incredibly intense trial by joining forces with Pikeru! Her power to directly damage her foes became even stronger as well.

File No. 12: I Won't Be Useless!? The Drama Behind Ojama Yellow's Rise to the Top?


"Ojama Yellow" is famous for a bunch of notable intrusions and hindrances. But for a monster that's got 0 ATK and pretty pitiful DEF, he's gotten pretty far in life. You can't call this guy a fifth wheel anymore!!

A pointless pain-in-the-butt?

He was just a fifth wheel who wasn't even worth speaking of. Even though he did everything he could to get in people's way, he got in his employers' way more often than not. Was there any chance for him to expect a successful future!?

"Ojama Yellow"

In unity there is strength!

Because he was a low-Level monster, the power of solidarity, upon unifying, is incredibly strong! Three "Ojama Yellows" swore to work together and get ahead in life. They formed an "Ojama Trio" of the same color!

"The League of Uniform Nomenclature"

He's awarded knighthood

"Ojama Knight"
As a result of the group's unity, Ojama Yellow somehow managed to get himself awarded with a knighthood! He's now managing to get ahead in life while blocking his rival's actions!

But perhaps a vagabond life is more comfortable?

However, his life as a knight didn't last. The Ojama Yellows found themselves blocked by various forms of sabotage arranged by their rivals... and, whoopsie! In the end, Ojama Yellow's home was demolished after all...

"Eliminating the League"


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