Mask of Restrict
  • Japanese: 生贄封じの仮面
  • Romaji: Ikenie Fūji no Kamen
  • Translated: Mask of Sacrifice Sealing
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Name Lore
Japanese 生贄封じの仮面 いかなる場合による生け贄も行う事ができなくなる。
Ikenie Fūji no Kamen
Korean 제물봉인 가면
Jemulbong-in Gamyeon



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  1. Despite having the effect of its OCG/TCG counterpart printed on it, "Mask of Restrict" did not have this effect in the anime. Instead, it prevented either player from Tributing their own cards for Tribute Summons only.
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Prevents the player's Tributes +  and Prevents the opponent's Tributes +
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Mask of Restrict +
Mask of Restrict +
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いかなる場合による生け贄も行う事ができなくなる。 +
生贄封じの仮面 +
Cards cannot be Tributed. +
Anime +
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Mask of Restrict (anime) +
Card page +
Continuous Trap Card +
Ikenie Fūji no Kamen +
生贄封じの仮面 +
Mask of Sacrifice Sealing +