Professor Marco is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is a teacher of the Leo Institute of Dueling within the "Fusion Course".


Pre-Arc League Championship

Marco was mentioned during Yuya Sakaki's Duel against Declan Akaba. During the Duel, Claude arrived to inform Henrietta Akaba of an unknown incident involving Marco that ultimately forced Declan to leave the Duel inconclusive.[1] Later on after the Duel, it was revealed that Marco had disappeared after being involved in a Duel against an Xyz Duelist, and the only things left of him was some of his cards and Duel Disk.[2] He was later revealed to have been taken by sealed inside a card by Shay, and delivered to LID.[3]

Duel Academy

After Z-ARC's defeat and the Standard Dimension being reborn into the "Pendulum Dimension", Marco was freed from his card.[4] He is later seen watching Yuya Sakaki's Duel against Jack Atlas with his LID students[5] and applauded when Yuya won. He then watched Yuya and Declan's Action Duel.[6] He was happy when Yuya won the Duel and witnessed Zuzu's revival.[7]


The only shown cards in Marco's Deck are Fusion-related.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Shay Obsidian 14 Lose (off-screen)


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