Maitre' D, known in Japan as Sommelier Parker (ソムリエ・パーカー Somurie Pākā). He speaks with a French accent in the English dub, which he later drops, and believes that Dueling is a man's job.


Parker Linework

Maitre' D's Line art.

Maitre' D was the eighth ranked Duelist in the Pro League. He held a 2-on-1 Duel against Jasmine and Mindy, as part of the Genex Tournament. He toyed with them and was on the verge of winning when Alexis Rhodes took their place. Maitre'D ultimately lost, despite her continuing with Jasmine and Mindy's reduced Life Points.


Maitre' D uses a Wine Deck, which includes references to the topic such as "Dionysus" and "Château Mouton Rothschild". His monster's effects seem to focus on increasing their own ATK and lowering the ATK of his opponent's monsters, to resemble the properties of wine, specifically how it tastes even better with time.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Jasmine and Mindy/Alexis Rhodes 90 Lose
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