Main Monster Zone



Japanese (romanized)

Mein Monsutā Zōn

Japanese (translated)

Main Monster Zone


Main Monster Zone

Main Monster Zones (メインモンスターゾーン Mein Monsutā Zōn) are the 5 zones in the center of the field in which monsters are placed on the field. Prior to the introduction of the Extra Monster Zones, these were the only Monster Zones on the field.

Since the introduction of the Extra Monster Zones, monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck through any means, including Pendulum Summon, can only be Summoned to an Extra Monster Zone or a Main Monster Zone that a Link Monster points to. If control of a monster in an Extra Monster Zone is changed, it is placed in the Main Monster Zone (even if control is changed back later). If a monster originally Summoned from the Extra Deck goes to the Graveyard and gets Special Summoned from there, you can place that monster in any of your Main Monster Zones without needing Link Monsters pointing to them.

If you intend to use a Link Monster as material for a Summon of an Extra Deck Monster into a Main Monster Zone that it's pointing to (commonly through a Fusion or Link Summon), you must have another Link Monster pointing to the target Zone that's not being used in the same Summon, otherwise the result must go into an Extra Monster Zone. For example, if you're using Link Spider to Link Summon a Link-2 Monster without any other Main Monster Zones being pointed to, you can only place the Link-2 Monster in your Extra Monster Zone instead of the Main Monster Zone that Link Spider is currently pointing to.

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