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Maiden of the Aqua, known as Sea God's Priestess in the Japanese version, is a character version of the card "Maiden of the Aqua", who appears in the alternate dimension in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime.


Maiden of the Aqua was accompanied by Dancing Fairy, and they journeyed around the alternate dimension, attempting to find a hero who could oppose The Supreme King. After Zane Truesdale and Aster Phoenix defeated two members of the Goblin Elite Attack Force, the remaining members fled from the mansion. They eventually attempted to chase down Maiden of the Aqua and Dancing Fairy. They were saved by Syrus Truesdale and Ojama Yellow, who led them to safe hiding spot. Maiden of the Aqua questioned if Syrus could defeat The Supreme King, and he responded that he can't, but points them in the direction of Axel Brodie, giving her Axel's Duel Disk in the process, as the latter had left it behind in an abandoned house while fleeing from The King's forces.[1]

Maiden of the Aqua casts a spell, covering the area in water, which mirrors her card's effect of treating the field as "Umi".

They found Axel, who believed that no one is capable of defeating the Supreme King, and is still ashamed of himself for running after Jim Crocodile Cook was defeated by him. Maiden of the Aqua and the fairies continued their search. Axel witnessed the remaining members of the Goblin Elite Attack Force release a pack of flaming foxes as hunters in an an attempt to track them down. Axel returned in an attempt to save them, and the Maiden handed him back his Duel Disk. He was unable to defeat the foxes by firing cards at them as he would usually do, as they were the same attribute as the ammo he's using. The Maiden cast a spell that parallels the effect of her card, covering the battlefield in water. The foxes retreat to a small plot of land, and Axel was able to knock them into the water with several "Anchor Bind" cards, defeating them.[1]

Axel still doubted his ability, and the Maiden and fairies depart back to their village - the last one in the dimension yet to fall to The Supreme King.[1] Axel defeats one of the King's minions, and nearly the entire village urged him to accept the role as their commander. Axel finally agreed, and found himself backed by Zane, Aster and a group of freed Duel Spirit prisoners. The Dancing Fairy spirits offered to aide in the search for Jesse Anderson.[2]


World Championship 2008


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