Mai Kujaku and Dinosaur Ryuzaki played a game of Duel Monsters during the boat ride to Duelist Kingdom.


Mai was unhappy that contestants of the Duelist Kingdom had to sleep on the floor in a common area on the ship. She noticed Ryuzaki had been given a room because he was a finalist in the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship and came up with a plan to use him to get a room. Ryuzaki offered to share his room with Mai. Mai acted all happy and flirtatious to him and went along.

Inside the room, Mai said that she likes men who were stronger than her and challenged him to a Duel. Mai said that if Ryuzaki won, she would do whatever he wanted all night long. And if she won, she would get the room all to herself.

Mai got Ryuzaki to shuffle her cards and then she asked him to look through them as she named each card from top down without looking. Using her Aroma Tactics[1], she correctly named the cards, "The Alluring Shadow", "Harpy Lady", "Blonde Wave" and "Cyber Bondage". Ryuzaki thought it was impossible, but Mai claimed to always know her cards and be able to draw whatever she wanted. Ryuzaki still accepted the Duel and was defeated. Afterwards Mai kicked him out of the room.

When they got to the island, Ryuzaki was still angry over his loss to Mai and tried challenging her to another Duel. She was not interested in facing him again, but decided to let him Duel her if he could first defeat Katsuya Jonouchi.[2]


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