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"Magibullet" is an archetype of LIGHT Fiend monsters, debuting in Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors.


The archetype is based on Der Freischütz, a German opera written by Carl Maria von Weber. It premiered in 1821. Also, according to German folklore, "Freischütz" refers to a marksman who made a contract with the devil to obtain seven magic bullets with supernatural accuracy. The first six bullets are subservient to the wielder's control, while the seventh will be in the devil's grip completely.

All members of this archetype are based on seven main characters of the opera, in addition to sporting names and physical appearances to notable figures of American Western history and lore. Visually, all of them share three design aspects: a demonic-looking gun, a clawed blue arm holding the gun, and one or more large, red wings with blue eyes near the joint.


Monster Roles Western Namesake Corresponding Spell/Trap Weapon
Calamity Ännchen, Agathe's relative Calamity Jane Death-perado Rocket launcher
Doctor Cuno, a hereditary forester Doc Holliday Never-Endorphin Sniper rifle
Star Agathe, Cuno's daughter Belle Starr Dancing Needle Derringer
The Kid Max, assistant forester William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) Cross-Dominator Revolver
Wild The Holy Hermit "Wild Bill" Hickok Deadman's Burst MANPADS / CIWS
Caspar Caspar, assistant forester N/A Devil's Deal Pistol / handgun
Zamiel Samiel, the Black Huntsman

Playing style

The "Magibullet" monsters share the effect "You can activate "Magibullet" Spells/Traps from your hand during either player's turn.", with the Level 3 and 4 members having an effect triggered if a Spell/Trap is activated in the same column as their own.

Recommended cards
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