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Magical Merchant Turbo is a decktype oriented around getting the cards you need into your hand quickly through combining the effects of "Magical Merchant" and "Pot of Avarice". Also of use are cards that are more powerful when you have many cards in your Graveyard, such as "Shadow Ghoul" or "Chaos Necromancer", and cards that allow Flip Effects to be reused, such as "Book of Moon". The goal is to be able to pick and choose the Monster cards that are in your Deck so you have a better chance of drawing them, so a Merchant Turbo deck should have a higher Monster-to-Spell/Trap proportion than normal.

Merchant Turbo is less of an overall deck theme and more of a structure around which to base your deck on; a number of different strategies work. You can use the Deck to get Monarchs or Dark Armed Dragon easily or use a lot of Normal Monsters which allows for a wider variety of cards that interact with the Graveyard (such as "Dark Factory of Mass Production" and "Birthright"). With the current Advanced Format putting both "Magical Merchant" and "Pot of Avarice" at Unlimited, you can be creative with the deck build.

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Magical Merchant Normal Monster Turbo

An alternative way to construct this deck is to construct it mostly of Normal Monsters. This is a very fast deck, where Magical Merchant is used to send Normal Monsters to the graveyard as food for the effect of Cry Havoc! to normal summon a lot of Normal Monsters from your hand in one turn. Heart of the Underdog is used to gather as many monsters to your hand as possible to summon and swarm and overwhelm your opponent. Monster Reincarnation can be used to re-use Magical Merchant's effect or pick up a Magical Merchant that was dropped to the graveyard by another one. Royal Oppression can and should be used in this deck to match metagame decks, since this deck does not rely at all on special summons; the point of this deck is to swarm the field using normal summons, so Royal Oppression shouldn't hurt this deck at all and should be added in this deck. Cards like The Shallow Grave can be used but this would be a form of special summoning, so it can be negated by Royal Oppression, so it is better not to use it unless you can find a way to use The Shallow Grave before you use your Royal Oppression to counter your opponent's deck. Skill Drain also can be used in this deck, but it is better not to because it negates Magical Merchant's effect. In case of nearly-indestructible monsters like Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon, and Spell and Trap cards that counter your strategy of playing, like maybe Skill Drain, cards like Lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm and other destruction cards can be used in this deck. Raigeki Break is most recommended because it can destroy any card on the field, so you don't have to put a combination of these cards in this deck. This deck should have a way higher Monster-to-Spell and Trap portion than regular decks so cards like Magical Merchant and Heart of the Underdog would be more playable. So, in reality, you should have 8-13 Spell and Trap cards, 3 Magical Merchant, and the rest should be just filled with Normal Monsters, mostly Level 4 1900+ hitters, but also with 1 tributers with 2500+ deck, and maybe Blue-Eyes White Dragon because of it's high attack. Overall, you can still be very creative with this deck.

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Any card mentioned before can also be used in this deck. Other cards can be placed into this deck if they can utilize with the unique strategy of this deck.

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