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Magical Hats
  • Japanese: マジカルシルクハット
  • Romaji: Majikaru Shiruku Hatto
  • Translated: Magical Silk Hat
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Activate when you control a "Magician" monster. Banish that monster and up to 3 other monsters you control. Special Summon 4 "Hat Tokens" (???/Spellcaster/Level ???/ATK ???/DEF ???) in Defense Position. Each token can be treated as 1 of the banished monsters. Shuffle the tokens on your field. If a monster attacks a token that is not a substitute for a banished monster, Battle Damage is reduced to 0. If a substitute token is attacked, Special Summon the banished monster in Attack Position and apply Battle Damage as normal. You can set a Spell/Trap Card and replace 1 of the non-substituted monsters. If the selected token is destroyed, activate the set card. During your Main Phase, you can Tribute a substitute token to Special Summon the banished monster. [note 1]

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese マジカルシルクハット 魔術師とのコンボでトリック攻撃が可能!
Majikaru Shiruku Hatto



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  1. While this card works as established above, the actual text translates as "Can perform a trick attack in combo with a Magician!".
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