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"Lyrilusc", known as "Lyrical Luscinia" (LL (リリカル・ルスキニア) Ririkaru Rusukinia) in the OCG, is an archetype of Level/Rank 1 female WIND Winged Beast monsters used by Lulu Obsidian in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.


Lulu with three "Lyrilusc - Cobalt Sparrows" and two "Lyrilusc - Sapphire Swallows


Similar to the "Harpie" monsters, the "Lyrilusc" monsters consist of female monsters with bird features. They appear to wear a full-body costume based on the birds of their namesake, making them more similar in appearance to the Blackwing monsters. The Main Deck monsters have a child-like appearance, while the Extra Deck monsters have an adult-like appearance.


Its name in the OCG reference, Luscinia, is a genus of smallish passerine birds, but each of them belongs to different families of this genus. The base character used for its Japanese name "Lyrical Luscinia" ("LL") is similar to the one used for "Raidraptor" ("RR"), reflecting that these archetypes are used by the Obsidian siblings. The TCG name simply uses the shortened version of the OCG name.

The names for each Main Deck member contain both a blue mineral/gemstone and a passerine. The former may a reference to the fact that Lulu's Japanese name, Ruri, means "lapis lazuli".


Main Deck

Lyrilusc Origin
Gemstone Bird
Beryl Canary Beryl Canary
Celestine Wagtail Celestine Wagtail
Cobalt Sparrow Cobalt Old World sparrow
Sapphire Swallow Sapphire Swallow
Turquoise Warbler Turquoise New World warbler

Extra Deck

Lyrilusc Origin
Gathering Bird
Assembled Nightingale Assembly Japanese nightingale
Independent Nightingale -
Ensemblue Robin Ensemble Siberian blue robin
Promenade Thrush Prom Thrush nightingale
Recital Starling Recital Starling

Playing style

The "Lyrilusc" archetype consists of Level 1 monsters focused on Rank 1 Xyz Summon tactics. They possess swarming and searching effects to aid quickly Summoning their Xyz Monster throught the combined effect of "Turqoise Warbler", "Cobalt Sparrow", and "Sapphire Swallow", in order to summon "Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale", whose ATK and number of direct attacks quickly increase with the more monsters the player manages to gather to Summon it. With enough Xyz Materials, "Assembled Nightingale" can quickly OTK your opponent without much problem, while also protecting its allies from battle and effect destruction by detaching an Xyz Material. Otherwise, it can be used as Fusion Material for "Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale", whose ATK and burn effect can also become massive depending on the number of Xyz Materials attached to the fused monsters, and also being very hard to get rid of due to its blanket immunity to card effect, saves for "Lava Golem" and Kaiju monsters. Their other Xyz monsters, "Recital Starling", searches more member from the deck by detachin an Xyz Material and is also capable of ending the game under correct circumstance by crashing itself into the opponent's monster, inflicting the battle damage to both players.

Due to their high swarming capability, Lyrilusc deck can easily access many Link Monsters, such as Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty who protects Lyrilusc monsters while also contributes to the swarming by Special Summoning more members to the field. Because of their small members, some Simorgh monsters and support cards can also be tech into the deck and vice versa. They're also capable of Xyz summoning monsters such as Number F0: Utopic Future, who can then be used to Xyz Summons Number F0: Utopic Draco Future, a powerful monster that can take control of opponent's monster after it has successfully negated its effect's activation. Them being at Level 1 also makes One for One and Kinka-byo great tech options for the deck.

With further release of the members and supports from "Duelists of Whirlwind", Lyrilusc gains access to many disruption, draw, and recursion effects. "Beryl Canary" aids "Turqoise Warbler" reviving Lyrilusc monster from the Graveyard at cost of locking the player to Xyz Summon for the rest of the turn, and when used as Xyz Material, increasing the monster's Atk and preventing the opponent from taking control of it through non-targeting card such as "Creature Swap", "Celestine Wagtail" searchs Lyrilusc Spell/Trap card and also attaches itself as Xyz Material to the Xyz monster on the field from the Graveyard, making her a prime target for detaching to activate Xyz monsters' effects, "Essemblue Robin" bounces any of the opponent's Special Summoned monsters back to their hand/Extra Deck as long as it still has Xyz Material and returns one Lyrilusc monster back to hand if it is sent to the Graveyard, and "Prom Thrust" gets rid of any of the opponent Spell/Trap cards by shuffling them into their deck while also providing Atk to its ally in exchange for deattaching any amount of its material.

The archetype Spell card "Bird Sanctuary" allows the player to gather Xyz Material onto one monster (generally the aforementioned "Assembled Nightingale" or "Essemblue Robin") to continue using their effect and draws a card if they control an Xyz monsters with 3 or more materials, while the Trap Card "Phantom Feathers" distrupt the opponent's monsters by weakening their Atk, possibly to 0, and preventing their play by changing their Level/Ranks to 1, as well as capable of being banished from the Graveyard to increase your Lyrilusc monster's Atk on their turn to turn the attack into double KO, or possibly destroying the opponent monster if Assembled Nightingale's effect was applied in advance.


Despite their ability to quickly bring out their main powerhouse and massive protection against battle, targeting, control switching, and effect destruction, cards that can negate their effect or flip them face down such as Skill Drain or Swords of Concealing Light will shut them down, thus running Spell/Trap removal such as Twin Twisters and Cosmic Cyclone is recommended.

"Assembled Nightingale", due to her low Atk, can be rendered powerless with cards that prevent you from attacking such as Wall of Revealing Light and Red Screen, though this can be mitigated with "Promenade Thrush"'s ability to shuffle them back into the opponent's deck.

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