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Lucidien Kallister, known as Tatsuhisa Kamijo ( (かみ) (じょう) (たつ) (ひさ) Kamijō Tatsuhisa) in the Japanese version, nicknamed Luke (ルーク Rūku) in both versions, is a main character of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS series. He is an aspiring lad, who aims to become the "King of Duels" by partaking in Yuga Ohdo's Rush Duels.



Tatsuhisa body

Full-body image of Luke.

Luke is a young boy with spiky light-blue hair and red eyes. He wears a dark-brown t-shirt with a red-colored gear on a spike design, khaki pants with a black belt and black shoes with blue stripes. He also sports many accessories: a black collar around his neck, a purple-wrist watch and a blue knot on his left hand, a black wristband on his right arm, a chain tied to his right waist and a black case around his left knee.


Luke is an ambitious youngster determined to become the "King of Duels", he went to big lengths to polish his Dueling skills, even training against professional adults. Luke has a tendency to exaggerate his accomplishments, which his group of friends usually figure out quickly. Luke is highly confident of his skills as a Duelist, he proclaimed himself to be the "Number One Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary".

After learning about Yuga's desire to create Rush Duel, Luke became very interested in the idea and feels that Rush Duel could be the key to acclaim the title of "King of Duels". Although Luke has a personal interest in Rush Duel to further his ambitions, he's nevertheless a loyal friend to Yuga and chose to support Yuga's decision to make Rush Duel public knowledge despite knowing that they could get in trouble if Goha Corporation finds out that it was them who installed the Rush Duel rulings.

Luke is highly distrustful of Goha Corporation as he suspects that they'll attempt to shut down Rush Duels and by extension ruin his chance to become "King of Duels". He can be rather paranoid over anything that he perceives as an attempt by Goha to destroy Rush Duels, even accusing his own friends of being Goha spies if they show any form of suspicious behavior.

Luke is a technophobe that would rather destroy electronics and other machines than learn from them.


In the Japanese original, his surname has the kanji for "above, top" (上 kami) and "fortress, castle" (城 ), while his surname contains the characters for "dragon" (龍 tatsu) and "long time [ago]" (久 hisa).

His nickname, Luke, which is a possible alternate reading of his given name ( (りゅう) (きゅう) ), can also be interpreted as "Rook". This can be a reference to his proper name containing "castle" (what rook pieces resemble and "castling" is the name of a chess move involving a rook piece and the king piece) and "dragon", which shares the same kanji used to refer to a promoted rook in shogi.


Luke has the ability to disable electronic devices. However, he can do so at most twice per day. He believes that this is due to his soul being possessed by a demon, but Yuga Ohdo suggests that it may be an example of the Pauli effect.[2] Luke names his ability "Luke Devil".[3]


Birth of Rush Duels[]




Luke and his ace monster Multistrike Dragon Dragias.

Luke plays a Dragon Deck. His main strategy is allowing his monsters to attack twice each turn to damage the opponent while destroying the opponent's Spells and Traps that might stop his attacks.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Tiadosia Kallister 30 Lose (flashback)
Valencian "Vance" Kallister 73 Win (5x flashback)
Adult Duelists 2 Win (flashback)
Adult Duelist 2 Lose (flashback)
Otes 1 Win (6x flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 2 Win
Yuga Ohdo 4 Not shown
Bakuro Shinjitsu 5 Win
Yosh Imimi 8 Win
Ushiro Omaeno 10 Win
Schrödinger Nekoyama 17 Win
Arata Arai 22 Win
Otes 24 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 27 Win/Lose
Yuga Ohdo 27 Not shown
Jango Arisugawa 31 Win
Pidgetrap Quill 37 Win
Honya Braun 42 Win
Kaizo 47 Win
Yuga Ohdo 51-52 Win
Yujin Goha 55 Win
Yuo Goha 62 Win
Roa Kirishima 63 Win
Tiadosia Kallister 64 Win
The☆Yugaman 66-67 Lose
Yuga Goha 79 Win (Duel taken over for Yuga Ohdo)
Scoop Pitman 86 Win
Saburamen, Sushiko Maki, Briscoe, Yosh Imimi, Mason, and Hicks 86 Win (off-screen)
Tiadosia Kallister 89 Win
Yuga Ohdo 92 Lose


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