To look at ( (かく) (にん) Kakunin) a card is to see the card's face. When looking at a card, the player is allowed to view the card's entire face. Before looking at an opponent's card, the player must ask their opponent for permission first; the opponent is not allowed to refuse or ignore a legal request to look at one of their cards.

After looking at cards, they are returned to their original location and position. If cards in the Graveyard or that are banished are being looked at, their order must not be changed. If the top card of the Main Deck is being looked at due to being face-up (such as with "Convulsion of Nature" or "Pharaoh's Treasure"), it may not be picked up to look at it.

Cards that can be looked at

At any time during the Duel, either player may look at cards that are public knowledge, being the following:

In addition, players may also look at cards in their own hand, face-down cards they control, and all cards in their Extra Deck.

Both player's Main Decks and face-down banished cards may not be looked at unless a card effect allows the player to do so.

Some cards may prevent the player from looking at cards in specific zones. For example, "Question" prevents the opponent from looking at cards in the Graveyard of its controller until it has resolved.

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