Loaner Deck Duels is a minigame in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It is accessible through the Duel School. This minigame lets you play using a preset Deck and Skill.

Each Challenge gives out 30 Gems upon completion.

Loaner Decks

Sp. Deck Challenge 1-1: Training Deck a la Kaiba (Skill: Life Boost a)
Sp. Deck Challenge 1-2: Ritual Deck for Thought (Skill: None)
Sp. Deck Challenge 1-3: Fusion Deck for Thought (Skill: None)
The Ultimate Rising 1: Ultimate Element Deck (Skill: None)
The Ultimate Rising 2: Ultimate Ritual Deck (Skill: None)
The Ultimate Rising 3: Ultimate Fusion Deck (Skill: None)
Age of Discovery 1: Discovery Daedalus Deck (Skill: Mythic Depths)
Age of Discovery 2: Discovery Deck (Low-Level) (Skill: Mythic Depths)
Neo-Impact 1: DARK Ritual Impact Deck (Skill: None)
Neo-Impact 2: LIGHT Ritual Impact Deck (Skill: None)
Flame of the Tyrant 1: Tyrant Warrior Deck (Skill: None)
Flame of the Tyrant 2: Tyrant Balter Deck (Skill: None)
Valkyrie's Rage 1: Gradiusic Wrath Deck (Skill: None)
Valkyrie's Rage 2: Sky Scourge's Wrath Deck (Skill: None)
Wonders of the Sky 1: Radiant Archfiend Deck (Skill: None)
Wonders of the Sky 2: Radiant Winged Beast Deck (Skill: None)
Chaotic Compliance 1: Black Luster Chaos Deck (Skill: None)
Chaotic Compliance 2: Psychic Chaos Deck (Skill: None)
Land of the Titans 1: Baboon Beast Deck (Skill: None)
Land of the Titans 2: Megarock Mayhem Deck (Skill: None)
Crimson Kingdom 1: Buster Fusion Deck (Skill: None)
Crimson Kingdom 2: Red-Eyes Zombie Deck (Skill: None)
Structure Deck: Sorcerer's Alliance (Skill: Power of Dark)
Structure Deck: Dragonic Force (Skill: Peak Performance)
Dawn of Destiny 1: Nephthys Rising (Skill: Destiny Draw)
Dawn of Destiny 2: Mirage Rebirth Deck (Skill: Destiny Draw)
Electric Overload 1: XYZ High Voltage (Skill: None)
Electric Overload 2: Ninja Blackout (Skill: None)
Echoes of Silence 1: Silent Magician Deck (Skill: None)
Echoes of Silence 2: Ultimate Insect Deck (Skill: None)
Generation Next 1: Next Generation Arcana (Skill: None)
Generation Next 2: Next Generation Worms (Skill: None)
Legendary Warriors (Skill: Fields of the Warriors)
HERO Rising (Skill: Where the Heroes Dwell)
Servants of Kings 1: Servants of Kaiba Deck (Skill:None)
Servants of Kings 2: Servants of Chaos Deck (Skill: None)
Galactic Origin 1: Galactic Elemental HERO Deck (Skill: None)
Galactic Origin 2: Galactic Gladiator Beast Deck (Skill: None)
Blades of Spirits 1: Blade Dance Deck (Skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground)
Blades of Spirits 2: Spirits of the Samurai Deck (Skill: None)
Primal Burst 1: Volcanic Deck (Skill: None)
Primal Burst 2: Lightsworn Deck (Skill: None)
Resonance of Contrast 1: Resonating Bujin (Skill: None)
Resonance of Contrast 2: Resonance of the Slash Dragon (Skill: None)
Abyss Encounters 1: Abyss Archfiends (Skill: None)
Abyss Encounters 2: Abyss Water Dragon (Skill: Silent as WATER)
Rampage of the Forest 1: Sylvan Rampage (Skill: None)
Rampage of the Forest 2: Rampage of the Queen (Skill: None)
Valiant Souls 1: Valiant Elemental Heroes (Skill: None)
Valiant Souls 2: Valiant Mask Change (Skill: None)
Visions of Ice 1: Frozen Gusto Vision (Skill: None)
Visions of Ice 2: Spellbook Visions (Skill: None)
Crusaders' Battlegrounds 1: Crusaders' Noble Silence (Skill: None)
Crusaders' Battlegrounds 2: Steelswarm Crusaders (Skill: None)
Clash of Wings 1: A Deck Fur Hire (Skill: None)
Clash of Wings 2: Mecha Phantom Beast Wings (Skill: None)
Burning Nova 1: Batteryman Nova (Skill: None)
Burning Nova 2: Burning Fire Fist (Skill: None)
Empire of Scarlet 1: Scarlet Vampires (Skill: None)
Empire of Scarlet 2: Inzektor Empire (Skill: None)
Gaia Genesis 1: Mermail Genesis (Skill: Mythic Depths)
Gaia Genesis 2: Ultra Athletes (Skill: None)
Stardust Acceleration 1: Azure-Eyes Acceleration (Skill: None)
Stardust Acceleration 2: X-Saber Acceleration
Power of Bravery 1: Morphtronic Bravery (Skill: None)
Power of Bravery 2: Scrap Bravery (Skill: None)
Blackstorm Rising 1: Blackwing Rising (Skill: Mark of the Dragon - Tail)
Blackstorm Rising 2: Dragunity Rising (Skill: None)
Secrets of the Ancients 1: Secrets of the Beasts (Skill: None)
Secrets of the Ancients 2: Secrets of the Insects (Skill: None)
Revolution Beginning 1: Fabled Revolution (Skill: None)
Revolution Beginning 2: Karakuri Revolution (Skill: None)
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