This is a list of playmats in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Character Level-Up Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-YamiYugi Have Yami Yugi reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-SetoKaiba Have Seto Kaiba reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-JoeyWheeler Have Joey Wheeler reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-MaiValentine Have Mai Valentine reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-TeaGardner Have Tea Gardner reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-YugiMuto Have Yugi Muto reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-WeevilUnderwood Have Weevil Underwood reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-RexRaptor Have Rex Raptor reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-MakoTsunami Have Mako Tsunami reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-YamiMarik Have Yami Marik reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-YamiBakura Have Yami Bakura reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-BanditKeith Have Bandit Keith reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-IshizuIshtar Have Ishizu Ishtar reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Odion Have Odion reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-MaximillionPegasus Have Maximillion Pegasus reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-ParadoxBrothers Have Paradox Brothers reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Arkana Have Arkana reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Bonz Have Bonz reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-EspaRoba Have Espa Roba reach Level 12
150px Have Tristan Taylor reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-JadenYuki Have Jaden Yuki reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-ZaneTruesdale Have Zane Truesdale reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-AsterPhoenix Have Aster Phoenix reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-JesseAnderson Have Jesse Anderson reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-ChazzPrinceton Have Chazz Princeton reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-AlexisRhodes Have Alexis Rhodes reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-DrVellianCrowler Have Dr. Vellian Crowler reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Yubel Have Yubel reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-BastionMisawa Have Bastion Misawa reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-SyrusTruesdale Have Syrus Truesdale reach Level 12
150px Have Sartorius Kumar reach Level 12
150px Have Yusei Fudo reach Level 12
150px Have Jack Atlas reach Level 12
150px Have Crow Hogan reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-AkizaIzinski Have Akiza Izinski reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Leo Have Leo reach Level 12
Playmat-DULI-Luna Have Luna reach Level 12
150px Have Officer Tetsu Trudge reach Level 12

Stage Mission Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-Red Reach Stage 12 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-DarkMagician Reach Stage 22 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-Purple Reach Stage 28 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-BlueEyesWhiteDragon Reach Stage 38 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-Black Reach Stage 44 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-BlueEyesWhiteDragonDarkMagician Reach Stage 47 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-YamiYugiSetoKaiba Reach Stage 50 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-Blue Reach Stage 55 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-White Reach Stage 60 (DM)
Playmat-DULI-Red2 Reach Stage 10 (GX)
Playmat-DULI-Blue2 Reach Stage 16 (GX)
Playmat-DULI-Yellow2 Reach Stage 20 (GX)
Playmat-DULI-Black2 Reach Stage 26 (GX)
Playmat-DULI-White2 Reach Stage 30 (GX)

Ace Monster Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-AncientFairyDragon Summon Ancient Fairy Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-AncientGearGolem Summon Ancient Gear Golem 100 Times
150px Summon Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-BarrelDragon Summon Barrel Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-BlackRoseDragon Summon Black Rose Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-BlackWingedDragon Summon Black-Winged Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-CyberBlader Summon Cyber Blader 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-CyberEndDragon Summon Cyber End Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-DarkMagicianArkana Summon Dark Magician (Arkana) 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-DarkMagicianGirl Summon Dark Magician Girl 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-DarkNecrofear Summon Dark Necrofear 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-DestinyHEROPlasma Summon Destiny HERO - Plasma 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-ElementalHeroNeos Summon Elemental Hero Neos 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-EmbodimentofApophis Summon Embodiment of Apophis 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-GandoratheDragonofDestruction Summon Gandora the Dragon of Destruction 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-GateGuardian Summon Gate Guardian 100 Times
150px Summon Goyo Guardian 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-HarpieLadySisters Summon Harpie Lady Sisters 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-InsectQueen Summon Insect Queen 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-Jinzo Summon Jinzo 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-LavaGolem Summon Lava Golem 100 Times
150px Summon Obelisk the Tormentor 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-OjamaKing Summon Ojama King 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-PowerToolDragon Summon Power Tool Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-PumpkingtheKingofGhosts Summon Pumpking the King of Ghosts 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-RainbowDragon Summon Rainbow Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-RedEyesBlackDragon Summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon 100 Times
150px Summon Red Dragon Archfiend 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-Relinquished Summon Relinquished 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-SlifertheSkyDragon Summon Slifer the Sky Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-StardustDragon Summon Stardust Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-SuperVehicroidJumboDrill Summon Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-TheLegendaryFisherman Summon The Legendary Fisherman 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-TheWingedDragonofRa Summon The Winged Dragon of Ra 100 Times
150px Summon Ultimate Tyranno 100 Times
150px Summon Uria, Lord of Searing Flames 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-WaterDragon Summon Water Dragon 100 Times
Playmat-DULI-Yubel Summon Yubel 100 Times

Event Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-WelcometoToonWorld Welcome to Toon World
Playmat-DULI-FeartheDeckofTerrorTheDestinyBoardofDoom Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom
Playmat-DULI-AttackoftheRareHuntersYamiMarikReturns Attack of the Rare Hunters! Yami Marik Returns!
Playmat-DULI-ParadoxBrothersGuardiansoftheGate Paradox Brothers: Guardians of the Gate
Playmat-DULI-RealmofthePumpking Bonz's Spooky Zombie Party
Playmat-DULI-PsychicShock Espa Roba Roaming (1st)
Playmat-DULI-PsychicShock2 Espa Roba Roaming (2nd)
Playmat-DULI-EspaRoba'sDuelCarnival Espa Roba's Duel Carnival
Playmat-DULI-AttacksoftheTristans Attacks of the Tristans!
Playmat-DULI-DrCrowler'sTrickyTests Dr. Crowler's Tricky Tests
Playmat-DULI-AwakenRainbowDragon Awaken! Rainbow Dragon!
Playmat-DULI-CyberdarkImpactZaneTruesdaleStrikes Cyberdark Impact! Zane Truesdale Strikes!
Playmat-DULI-RiseofYubelTheUltimateNightmare Rise of Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare
Playmat-DULI-IveGotDinoDNATyrannoHassleberrysUltimateEvolution I've Got Dino DNA! Tyranno Hassleberry's Ultimate Evolution
Playmat-DULI-UltimateTyrannoHassleberry I've Got Dino DNA! Tyranno Hassleberry's Ultimate Evolution Mission
Playmat-DULI-ConsumedbyLightSartoriusEmerges Consumed by Light: Sartorius Emerges
Playmat-DULI-TarotCard Consumed by Light: Sartorius Emerges Mission
Playmat-DULI-SectorSecurityontheMoveOfficerTetsuTrudge Sector Security on the Move! Officer Tetsu Trudge
Playmat-DULI-AtlasRisingTheReturnofJackAtlas Atlas Rising: The Return of Jack Atlas
Playmat-DULI-Turbo Duel Atlas Rising: The Return of Jack Atlas Mission
Playmat-DULI-Serious Chazz Chazz-A-Thon
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerFireDimension D.D. Tower: Fire Dimension
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerWaterDimension D.D. Tower: Water Dimension
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerWindandEarthDimension D.D. Tower: Wind & Earth Dimension
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerDarkDimension D.D. Tower: Dark Dimension
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerSacredLightDimension D.D. Tower: Sacred Light Dimension
Playmat-DULI-DDTowerSacredLightDimension60 D.D. Tower: Sacred Light Dimension Mission
Playmat-DULI-DuelIslandGladiator Duel Island: -Gladiator-
Playmat-DULI-DuelistChroniclesBattleCityShowdown Duelist Chronicles: Battle City Showdown!
Playmat-DULI-DuelistChroniclesGXWelcometoDuelAcademy Duelist Chronicles GX: Welcome to Duel Academy!
Playmat-TabletopRPGMonsterWorld Tabletop RPG: Monster World
Playmat-TagDuelTournament Tag Duel Tournament (1st)
Playmat-TagDuelTournament2 Tag Duel Tournament (2nd)
Playmat-TagDuelTournament3a Tag Duel Tournament (3rd)
Playmat-TagDuelTournament3b Tag Duel Tournament (3rd)
Playmat-TagDuelTournament3c Tag Duel Tournament (3rd)

Box/Structure Deck Sale Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-SorcerersAllianceStructureDeck Sorcerer's Alliance Structure Deck purchase reward
Playmat-DULI-DragonicForceStructureDeck Dragonic Force Structure Deck purchase reward
Playmat-DULI-LegendaryWarriorsStructureDeck Legendary Warriors Structure Deck purchase reward
Playmat-HeroRisingStructureDeck Hero Rising Structure Deck purchase reward
Playmat-DULI-DestinyRulersStructureDeck Destiny Rulers Structure Deck purchase reward
Playmat-DULI-DragonicKnightsStructureDeck Dragonic Knights Structure Deck purchase reward
150px Synchro Connection Structure Deck purchase reward
150px Swordbound Silence Structure Deck purchase reward

Campaign Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-YugiMutoBirthdayCelebration Yugi Muto Birthday Celebration
Playmat-DULI-SetoKaibaBirthdayCelebration2017 Seto Kaiba Birthday Celebration 2017
150px Seto Kaiba Birthday Celebration 2018
Playmat-DULI-1YearAnniversaryCelebration 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
150px 2 Year Anniversary Celebration
Playmat-DULI-GXWorldReleaseCelebration GX World Release Celebration
150px 5Ds World Release Celebration
Playmat-DULI-VRAINSReleaseCelebration VRAINS Release Celebration

KC Cup Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-KCCupFebruary2017 KC Cup February 2017
Playmat-DULI-KCCupNovember2017 KC Cup November 2017
Playmat-DULI-KCCupDecember2017 KC Cup December 2017
Playmat-DULI-KCCup2018 KC Cup 2018
150px KC Cup 2019

World Championship Playmats

Playmat How to unlock
Playmat-DULI-WCS2017Attendants WCS 2017 Attendants
Playmat-DULI-WCS2017Qualifiers WCS 2017 Qualifiers
Playmat-DULI-WCS2017Finalists WCS 2017 Finalists
Playmat-DULIWCS2018Attendants WCS 2018 Attendants
Playmat-DULI-WCS2018Qualifiers WCS 2018 Qualifiers
Playmat-DULI-WCS2018Finalists WCS 2018 Finalists

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