This is a list of icons in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Character Icons

Icon How to unlock
Icon-DULI-YamiYugi Unlock Yami Yugi
Icon-DULI-YamiYugi2 Have Yami Yugi reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-SetoKaiba Unlock Seto Kaiba
Icon-DULI-SetoKaiba2 Have Seto Kaiba reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-JoeyWheeler Unlock Joey Wheeler
Icon-DULI-JoeyWheeler2 Have Joey Wheeler reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-TeaGardner Unlock Téa Gardner
Icon-DULI-TeaGardner2 Have Téa Gardner reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-YugiMuto Unlock Yugi Muto
Icon-DULI-YugiMuto2 Have Yugi Muto reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-WeevilUnderwood Unlock Weevil Underwood
Icon-DULI-WeevilUnderwood2 Have Weevil Underwood reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-RexRaptor Unlock Rex Raptor
Icon-DULI-RexRaptor2 Have Rex Raptor reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-MakoTsunami Unlock Mako Tsunami
Icon-DULI-MakoTsunami2 Have Mako Tsunami reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-YamiMarik Unlock Yami Marik
Icon-DULI-YamiMarik2 Have Yami Marik reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-YamiBakura Unlock Yami Bakura
Icon-DULI-YamiBakura2 Have Yami Bakura reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-BanditKeith Unlock Bandit Keith
Icon-DULI-BanditKeith2 Have Bandit Keith reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-IshizuIshtar Unlock Ishizu Ishtar
Icon-DULI-IshizuIshtar2 Have Ishizu Ishtar reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-Odion Unlock Odion
Icon-DULI-Odion2 Have Odion reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-MaximillionPegasus Unlock Maximillion Pegasus
Icon-DULI-MaximillionPegasus2 Have Maximillion Pegasus reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-MokubaKaiba Unlock Mokuba Kaiba
Icon-DULI-ParadoxBrothers Unlock Paradox Brothers
Icon-DULI-ParadoxBrothers2 Have Paradox Brothers reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-Arkana Unlock Arkana
Icon-DULI-Arkana2 Have Arkana reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-Bonz Unlock Bonz
Icon-DULI-Bonz2 Have Bonz reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-JadenYuki Unlock Jaden Yuki
Icon-DULI-JadenYuki2 Have Jaden Yuki reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-AsterPhoenix Unlock Aster Phoenix
Icon-DULI-AsterPhoenix2 Have Aster Phoenix reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-JesseAnderson Unlock Jesse Anderson
Icon-DULI-JesseAnderson2 Have Jesse Anderson reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-ChazzPrinceton Unlock Chazz Princeton
Icon-DULI-ChazzPrinceton2 Have Chazz Princeton reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-AlexisRhodes Unlock Alexis Rhodes
Icon-DULI-AlexisRhodes2 Have Alexis Rhodes reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-DrVellianCrowler Unlock Dr. Vellian Crowler
Icon-DULI-DrVellianCrowler2 Have Dr. Vellian Crowler reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-BastionMisawa Unlock Bastion Misawa
Icon-DULI-BastionMisawa2 Have Bastion Misawa reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-SyrusTruesdale Unlock Syrus Truesdale
Icon-DULI-SyrusTruesdale2 Have Syrus Truesdale reach Level 15
Icon-DULI-TheVagabond Play a total of 100 PvP Duels
Icon-DULI-TourGuideFromtheUnderworld Play a total of 500 PvP Duels
Icon-DULI-MarikIshtar TBD

Silhouette Icons

Icon How to unlock
Icon-DULI-TeaSilhouette Win a total of 10 Duel World Duels
Icon-DULI-WeevilSilhouette Win a total of 50 Duel World Duels
50px Win a total of 100 Duel World Duels
50px Win a total of 500 Duel World Duels
50px Win a total of 1000 Duel World Duels
50px Win a total of 3000 Duel World Duels

Rank Icons

Icon How to unlock
Icon-DULI-BronzeRank Attain Bronze Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
Icon-DULI-SilverRank Attain Silver Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
Icon-DULI-GoldRank Attain Gold Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
Icon-DULI-PlatinumRank Attain Platinum Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
Icon-DULI-LegendRank Attain Legend Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
Icon-DULI-KingofGamesRank Attain King of Games Rank 1 Time(s) in Ranked Duels
50px Attain King of Games Rank 10 times in Ranked Duels

Monster Icons

Icon How to unlock
Icon-DULI-DarkMagician Win 250 Duel (s) using Yami Yugi
Icon-DULI-BlueEyesWhiteDragon Inflict 1,000,000 points of battle damage using Kaiba Seto
Icon-DULI-RedEyesBlackDragon Successfully perform 100 Normal Summon(s) using Joey Wheeler
Icon-DULI-PerfectlyUltimateGreatMoth Use Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 1 time(s)
Icon-DULI-Exodia Achieve 10 Special wins using Yugi Muto
Icon-DULI-Kuriboh Reach Stage 10
50px Reach Stage 30
Icon-DULI-Kuribon Reach Stage 50

Other Icons

Icon How to unlock
Icon-DULI-CardCollection Collect a total of 30 Trap cards
Icon-DULI-Surrender Collect a total of 100 Trap cards
Icon-DULI-DrawCard Collect a total of 300 Trap cards
Icon-DULI-OceanToss Using 300 Spell cards
Icon-DULI-NSAD Summon Neo Spacian: Aqua Dolphin 100 Times
Icon-DULI-CardSeal Achieve 200 wins in Duel against Seto Kaiba using Maximillion Pegasus
Icon-DULI-Soccer Collect a total of 50 cards
Icon-DULI-Golf Collect a total of 100 cards
Icon-DULI-Tennis Collect a total of 200 cards
Icon-DULI-Basketball Collect a total of 500 cards
Icon-DULI-Baseball Collect a total of 1000 cards
Icon-DULI-Football Collect a total of 40 Spell cards
50px Collect a total of 100 Spell cards
Icon-DULI-MillenniumPuzzle Play a total of 1000 PvP Duel(s)
Icon-DULI-MillenniumNecklace Play 500 Duel(s) as Ishizu Ishtar
Icon-DULI-MillenniumRing Play 500 Duel(s) as Yami Bakura
Icon-DULI-MillenniumRod Play 500 Duel(s) as Yami Marik
Icon-DULI-MillenniumKey Summon Divine-Beast type Monsters 50 Times
Icon-DULI-MillenniumScale Summon Divine-Beast type Monsters 100 Times
Icon-DULI-Gold Collect a total of 10 UR cards
Icon-DULI-Gold2 Collect a total of 100 UR cards from booster packs
Icon-DULI-Diamond Collect a total of 10 Prismatic cards
Icon-DULI-DuelDisk Play a total of 3000 PvP Duels
Icon-DULI-DuelDiskGX Play a total of 1000 Duel World (GX) Duels
Icon-DULI-Parrot Summon Winged-Beast type Monsters 100 times
Icon-DULI-BrownDog Summon Beast-Warrior type Monsters 100 times
Icon-DULI-Rabbit Summon Beast type Monsters 100 times
Icon-DULI-BlackCat Collect a total of 222 cards

Event Icons

Icon How to unlock
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