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This is a list of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters cards. These cards predate the introduction of the Official Card Game and, as such, are not legal even though they were printed by Konami. There are 22 (Non-Holofoil) Rare cards, released in two sets of 11 (with a different text on the back of the sets) and one set of one: the Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle promotional cards, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters promotional cards, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters meeting experience card. 19 of the cards are Monster Cards,(both sets have a Blue-Eyes White Dragon) and the remaining three are Spell Cards.

Monster Cards[]

NameJapanese nameLevelATKDEF
B. Skull DragonB・Dドラゴン832002500
Blue-Eyes White DragonB・E・Wドラゴン830002500
Castle of Dark Illusions闇晦ましの城612002500
Dark Magicianブラック・マジシャン725002100
Dinosaur Wingダイナソーウイング51500700
Hitotsu-Me Giantサイクロプス512001000
Mystical Elfホーリーエルフ48002000
Red Scorpionレッドスコーピー51300900
Red-Eyes B. DragonR・E・Bドラゴン724002000
Runner Lizardハシリトカゲ4800800
Sonic Eyeソニックアイ512001000
Summoned Skullデーモンの召喚725001200

Spell Cards[]

NameJapanese nameLore
Mirror Force聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-When your opponent declares "Attack", the holy barrier annihilates the enemy monsters.
Monster Reborn死者蘇生You can revive an ally or enemy monster's spirit and make it an ally.
Swords of Revealing Light光の護封剣Sacred swords of light are poured from the heaven and they contain the power of all stubborn monsters for only 3 turns!